Adelina Tahiri and Lorik Cana football playes

He red color, but in flannel flag, vitally seems to be somewhere else .. That's why Lorik passed English music star, singer Adelina Tahiri. According to sources LightsOutLightshow portal, Adelina Tahiri has lived for at least five days in the house of Agim Cana Lorik father in Pristina. Our sources indicate that during this time Adelina was not free to leave, has been controlled by Lorik. After 5 days of co-existence, Lorik has decided to reveal his father reason Adelina division: "Adelina was not a virgin!" But, Adelina has discovered an interesting detail, which has already been released to the public: Lorik Cana was a woman and had children with him in France, and it does not want to be the "second wife" Lorik. Another secret that very few knew, was that that Adelina most cases, when traveling in Turkey, while Lorik stay at Galatasaray, flying from Pristina airport and not that of Skopje. It seems that this is not the first and only affair Lorik Cana with our entertainment. For the same reasons learn to be separated by at least two or three top-Albanian popular models.

Germany ( 4 - 4 ) Sweden All Goals And Highlights

So beautiful, so brutal, so stupid soccer can be! Our national team presented yesterday at a stupid record! Never a DFB team squandered an 4-0 lead. Against Sweden it happened. 4:4 at the last minute! We are so stupid! End the series of 13 consecutive wins earlier in quality games. We have the strongest competitor in our group gave new hope. Coach Jogi Löw searched for words: "I find no explanation for it. 60 minutes we had had everything under control. Then we can miss everything. " Bastian Schweinsteiger: "That should never happen, never. Inexplicable. I've never experienced anything like that. Everyone has felt too safe. " The enigmatic dither Gala from Berlin. The 74,000 in the stadium booed at the end disappointed - it was before but soooo have been nice!

Macedonia vs Serbia 1-0 Ibrahimi goal

Macedonian national team managed to overcome difficulties Serbian national team with the score of 1-0, kualifkuese games for the 2014 World Cup. Goal scored Macedonia Albanian Agim Ibraimi 59 minutes' from the penalty spot. For the Macedonian national team from the first minute showed two other Albanian Hasan and Demiri.

Albania vs Slovenia 1-0 first goal 36' Roshi

The representative of Albania has made minimal but very important victory against Slovenia in the 2014 World Cup journey. Rossoneri held a good first half by controlling the ball and manage the game, after some stock, good game took shape with the Albanian national team goal in the 36th minute. An indentation is well to the left of the Villa, crossed over Sadiq, but was fixed Roshi, who beat his markers jump and goalkeeper Handanovic to score domestic avantazhit.Ekipi goal continued to play well in the second fraction while occasionally Slovenians trying to punish. Albanians were not allowed to leave the game out of hand to the hum of the last of the judge, so that arkëtuan full points from this meeting.

No Credible what makes Davit Beckam

David Beckham's latest hairstyle is always worth the news. About little hair was written as much as about his hair. Whether short or shaved the mohawk famous for World Cup 2002, which was received under the name commonly Beckham wave in history, Becks always excelled on the football field with creative hairstyle ideas. Alexandra Kempf ( explains how the Beckham works great.

Serbian fans eat whopping Albanians in Skopje

A group of ten Serbian hooligans are rrahuar Tuesday by dozens of young Albanians, in the vicinity of the Old Bazaar in Skopje, reported Koha notice. Serbs, the Serbian national football fans are expected tonight to face the Macedonian national team, in the early hours of midday Tuesday had gone to the bazaar in order to provoke the Albanians, while en route to this part, began shouting anti insult and anti-Kosovo. In this case, angry defiance, dozens of young Albanians and passers, had begun to attack the Serbs, who after receiving shocks have fled in the direction of the square of Skopje. The Ministry of Internal Affairs informed that two Serbian fan, because of bodily injury, finishing in the City Hospital, where they were questioned by police. In this case, the police were informed that the two injured Serb Podgorica Montenegro, who have denied provoking Albanians, although himself had pyrotechnic devices. Already, many members of the police are moving in the shopping center "Mavrovasja".