The Miracle of Dortmund

Only 69 seconds later: melee in the penalty area - Santana appears and makes him in. (90 +2)! What emotions, what a moment! Klopp: "We were all just before the heart attack." BVB boss Hans-Joachim Watzke: "I thought I had already seen everything and then this! We were already dead when the door fell to 3:2 -. Was the most emotional moment ever " The Spaniards claim offside, but the goal is one. Is only fair! Because that was 1:2 by Eliseu (82) might also from offside position.

Dortmund amazing qualifitation vs Malaga

Goal for Borussia Dortmund, 3-2 by Felipe Santana It feels a yes no more! This is not believe it! BVB makes the house! Again high and wide into the box again crowd, somehow ends up with the marble slide which pokes the thing about Santana. The Brazilian pushes the ball from a meter over the line! Again, there was a strong smell offside, but no matter: Unbelievable, dramatic, Dortmund is almost on!

As will be the iPhone 6?

In an analysis of the 40-year anniversary of the invention of the first mobile phone in many media forums technological innovation on the Internet and elsewhere, in addition to the prohibition that makes mobile phone models that revolutionized this market also focused to the current battle between smartphoneeve. The majority of these mobile market dominated by Apple and Samsung. American company went strongly in 2007 thanks to its model iPhone, while Samsung became the competitor "legitimate" with Samsung Galaxy S. Other companies, such as Google or traditional ones like Nokia and others trying to take their place in the market, but without ever becoming serious competitors. Therefore with the right attention is focused on innovations that will bring to market Apple and Samsung. South Korean company is expected to launch on April 14 Samsung Galaxy S4, the latest generation of mobile Galaxy S3 successor became Apple's iPhone rival. But Americans are not stand idly by. The media and technological forums in the U.S. and the UK have begun to talk about the iPhone 6. Among many assumptions and rumors will be new product "Apple" is one that is probably the most trusted. It is a touch screen mobile from both sides and perfectly able to imitate 3D images. There are rumors that Apple has registered the patent of this product in 2011 and is currently in the works for its implementation stage, to give the final touch to what many fans of mobile smartphone say they will close forever "war "in this market and will establish the hegemony of Apple.

Galatasaray issues a video against Real

Turkish team, Galatsaray has published today a video Real Madrid video which was published in the newspaper and website linked with Real Madrid, AS. 3-minute video shows atmnosferën created the Real Madrid stadium, threatening this in a galactic squad. Vëertetë atmospheres is fascinating but that within a few hours to see if Real will easily resist this atmosphere.

Gnabry GOAL vs Liverpool

German 17-year-old talent Serge Gnabry, who was tranaferua last summer from Stuttgart to Arsenal, where most of the time is enabled with the youth team, is the author of a peer supergoli match against Liverpool. Although between several defenders and opponents with a far better view of the gate 17-year-old managed to take the ball where Liverpool goalkeeper can not do anything. In the end, Arsenal triumphed 3-2 score.

Josip Ilicic Goal (50') Sampdoria v Palermo

Josip Ilicic really is not normal. Palermo midfielder has made career best action yesterday, 3:1 victory over Sampdoria. Slovenian footballer spent the whole team from Genova to mark the end, helping Sicilian team to come to trepikëshi very useful in the fight for survival.