Xherdan Shaqiri and Atifete Jahjaga

Dear Fans, today I had the honor to meet Prezidenten of Kosovo, Mrs. Jahjaga. I am very proud thirjen I had and still hope to be a good example for the youth of all Kosovar Albanian. As a token of thanks and gratitude here I dhurruar a shirt of Bayern Munich.

Messi spits and insults Madrid bench

Unbelievable, but true! Argentine superstar, four times in a row the best footballer in the world, Lionel Messi, is likely to be at the center of allegations of fans and circuits madrilene, as in a video released recently seen doing an unsportsmanlike gesture. La Sexta has published a shocking video where Barcelona striker appeared to spit pankinën of Real Madrid in 'El Clásico' recent research conducted at the Bernabeu. This happened after a severe interference Arbeloas in Argentine, which made the latter extremely irritable. The images are clear and it seems that 25-year-old real as it is said, made an unsportsmanlike gesture. Also reported that he has offended zëvëndëstrajnerin of Los Blancos, Aitor Karanka, saying 'Petite Mourinho'. It is also said that Messi had offended Arbeloan after the match in the stadium parking lot in front of his pregnant wife, but allegations madrilenëve exist videoxhirime. It is the first time that Lionel Messi, a player who is known for wonderful manners and exceptional image appears Unsportsmanlike making such gestures. If the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) opens investigation into the behavior of Messi in El Clasico, he could be sentenced to two match moslojë. Real Madrid and Barcelona evened the score 1-1 in the last match held in Santiabo Bernabeu.

Zizo, the best play maker in Arsenal

Arsenal has in its team a tremendous talent. British media are talking about Arsenal 8-year-old Brazilian Zico. Brazilian talent is the best of his peers at Arsenal and is regarded as one of the most promising players of the Gunners. Zico has expressed interest that Barcelona now Ajax two teams that are known for buying young talent. In the following video you can see Zicos skills.

Winger Robben frustrated

The hype surrounding Pep Guardiola is over, Bayern are at the top of the Bundesliga table: eleven points ahead of Bayer Leverkusen. When giants could not really be better, were it not for the easily-frustrated Arjen Robben ...

Other side of Messi - not belive

Real Madrid is angry with the behavior of the Barcelona star, Lionel Messi, during and after the El Clasicos Wednesday evening at Santiago Bernabeu. According to Spanish sports daily Marca, Real Madrid is divided dissatisfied with the behavior of the Argentinians. Messi was involved in a series of incidents where the duel had several heated confrontations with Alvaro Arbeloan and Xabi Alonso. But, after the meeting, the Spanish website Punto Pelota announced that four-time winner of the Ballon d'Or was kacafyt Arbeloan in the parking lot at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium. Messi said that did not stop there. La Sexta television and radio station La Cope reported another incident involving car Goals Catalan giants. Messi reportedly clashed with Real Madrid assistant Aitor Karanka while the teams were going to the dressing room. "What do you see? Shut up. You are just a puppet of Mourinho, "Messi was quoted as saying.

Saved by the goal, and broke down the door (video)

Goli1 A rare event happened on Wednesday evening football fields in Brazil. Chapecoense beat Criciuman 1-0 in Campeonato Catarinese but this duel that will be long remembered was the action of defender Fabio guest Ferrier and how he saved a certain goal. Ferreira saved his team by accepting a certain goal by moving the ball when he was entering the gate. After giving all his energy in an attempt to remove the ball, Ferreira could not stop myself towards the end inside the gate, and this resulted in the collapse of the gate.

VFB Stuttgart - FC Bayern München

They make every seat a million-square. And still feel at all well ... As compared to the 2-0 and the 2-0 in Nuremberg Stuttgart Arjen Robben (29), Mario Gomez (27) and Jerome Boateng (24) in Mainz again take on the Bayern bench. Yesterday in training all three Stars kicked again only in the B-team. Jupp Heynckes (67) is based on the formation that took care of the six-point start without conceding a goal in the second half. The tough trainer: "At the moment I change very little. The team must also be input and we must succeed. Since I'm taking no chances at all. " Robben (market value EUR 22 million / Source: sit, Gomez (42 million) and Boateng (18 million) therefore remain for the third time in a row on Bavaria's mad bank. Just by this trio has a value of 82 million!

Comes on the market, Blackberry 10

"Research in Motion" back on the market with a new line of smartphone-sh, but also with a new name, hereinafter referred to as "Blackberry Z10". Experts attributed this change, perhaps as a Canadian company's last chance to stay in front of strong competitors like Apple and Google. With confidence to a new beginning, chief executive Thorsten Heins, the presentation in New York, and connections with London, New Delhi, Jakarta and Johannesburg, explained that "Research in Motion" abandoned the old name, dating from 1985. "We have gone a long way of transformation, not only changed the business and brand, but a path that I believe will completely transform communication on the move, making the computer lëvishëm," he said. Two appliances manufactured by Operating System 10 Z10, which has a 10.7 cm screen, slightly larger than the iPhone 5, and Q10, with smaller screen 7.9 cm and keyboard.

Alban Meha wants for himself and the SC Paderborn a clear increase in performance

Midfielder in many games of the first round at SC Paderborn 07 was often only a shadow of himself, as the strong performances from the previous season could preserve the 26-year-old Albanian national team rarely. Unusually weak had the engineer who has the recent winter break, apparently used to magnificent to sense its recharge the battery. Now the hope is before the home game against league leaders Eintracht Braunschweig on the attacking midfielder.