Stefan Ivanovic scores for chelsea

See What marks this goal the child 1 year old is no match but it is a recording when the baby gets and HEC ball towards the goal to score, this is the boy player to chelsea ..

Messi Breaks The Gerd Müller's Record 86 Goals in 2012

Barcelona wins 1-2 in the transfer of the Week 15 of La Liga. As Betis Sevilla could not stop Tito Vilanovas team that continues to break records. But today all the attention was on Lionel Messi, who although in doubt for today's match name written in history. Argentine star were sufficient only 25 minutes into the game to break the record of German legend Gerd Muller, who was held for 40 years, in terms of number of goals in a calendar year. Germany had 85 goals, while Messi is currently a quota of 86 goals.

Messi and Iniesta after rekord

What happens iniestan when messi scores in today's match against Real Betis, is pazavendsueshem Barcelona star scored a super goal to which simultaneously broke muller record.

Macedonien fans and Teteks in match...

Anti calls were heard today in Tetovo derby football between Teteks teams and spark, which at the request of Teteksit took place in Gorce Petrov Skopje. Macedonian fans united in this match have set fire to the Albanian national flag.

Falcao is not replaceable reaches record Leo Messi (VIDEO)

Radamel Falaco reached a record player Leo Messi scored 5 goals in 1 match vetme.Me really not replaceable player cmendi commentators from all bota.Per more see the video of the 5 goals scored by pamposhturi Falcao.

Fan enters the field and attacked Ferdinand

Rio Ferdinand incur the worst in the Manchester derby. At the end of the match, Ferdinand i'u approached by City fans celebrate the team's victory, and was hit with a coin in the face, suffering a cry in the arcade. But that was not the whole of Ferdinand. England defender was attacked by a British fan of the city, but in defense of Ferdinand went goalkeeper Joe Hart who took the English hooligan.

Santi Cazorla EPIC DIVE For Penalty Arsenal 1-0 WBA

Arsenal on lap 16 of the Premier League has defeated West Bromwich Albion 2:0, while the central detail of the match which made ​​things change occurred after 26 minutes. Arsenal were on the attack, and the last ball took the Spaniard Santi Cazorla. He decided that its tried to get up guest networks, and when he saw that Steven Reid will prevent not marked, decided to acted. In one of the biggest mistakes of judges in 2012, Cazorla came out the winner with his acting, but the ball in the net from the penalty sent Milel Arteta.

Have you noticed this Real?

As never before Jose Mourinho has experimented a a defense otherwise krejtë match against Valladolid. Mourinho throughout the match had to play 4 different tactics in defense. Starts the game with Ramos and Pepe in the center of defense, while defense arm played Nacho Arbeloa. Dissatisfied with nachos game, Mourinho removed him from the game in the second half by introduced Di Marian. As a defender left wing cross Callejon. 60 minute Mourinho made ​​changes again back in the center of defense Alonso, left Arbeloan game while on the right side slip Ramosin. After the 73-minute, Mourinho made ​​the fourth amendment by playing Varanen while away Benzeman. Varane was right defense, Pepe Ramos quarterback, while Callejon continued as left defender.

Torres scored Goal vs Sunderland

Chelsea picked up their first Premier League win under Rafa Benitez as we beat Sunderland 3-1 with two goals (including his first ever penalty in this country) from Fernando Torres and Juan Mata. The difference between this game and last week is that Chelsea took their chances to go in 2-0 at half time and with an early third goal in the second half, killed the game off despite Sunderland's consolation from Adam Johnson. A better Chelsea performance again from an unchanged side from midweek. With Juan Mata pulling the strings with Eden Hazard, Chelsea looked in control of this one from the outset. Sunderland came back into it for a spell in the first half and in the second half but by that time, the game was over. So it's a good performance, three much needed points and a week away in Japan to hopefully bring everyone together even more and a chance for Benitez to work hard to get his ideas across. What did you people think of the game or your reaction to our first win in a while in the Premier League?

What happened to Ronaldo after Ozil goal mark (VIDEO)