Ribery Panna vs 2 Players

But today must Ribéry play hurt! Bayern need him. Boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (57) admits: "Our game is a piece of widely depending on Ribery. Whether Messi at Barcelona, Ronaldo at Real or Rooney in Manchester - so be it: Every great team has key players from whom they are dependent. " Ribery reacts proud Rummenigge-praise: "It's always good to hear something from the boss. I want to help the team as much as possible. " But he even takes pains to purchase. Ribéry: "The ribs still hurt, but I want and need to play. Yet I did not get shots. Maybe that will come. "

Corleone plays football in Kosovo

Vali Corleone talking on the phone for football with a girl and says she loves this sport.

Robin Krasniqi vs Max Heyman

Genta Ismaili performing in Boxing Ring for Hajj Albanian champion Robin Krasniqi in the fight against Max Heyman in Magdeburg Germany - known singer Genta Ismaili Pristina Albanian Tirana Chicago NewYork

Reyes touchdown record after 12 seconds

Jose Antinio Reyes has scored the fastest goal in Spanish football in recent years. Sevilla footballer realized after just 12 seconds of the game. Reyes took advantage of a mistake goalie Betisit to get a ball into the opposing zone which put it into the net. This is the fifth fastest goal in the history of Spanish football. 5 fastest goals are: 1. Joseba Llorente (Valladolid-English, 2007-2008): 7 seconds 2. Darío Silva (Málaga-Valladolid, 2000-2001): 8 seconds 3. Carlos Diarte (Valencia-Elche, 1977-1978): 10 seconds 4. Mariano Armentano (Rayo-Osasuna, 2001-2002): 10 seconds 5. José Antonio Reyes (Sevilla-Betis, 2012-2013): 12 seconds

Loss of the week in Serie A, Milito

We are bound to suffer. A fight against everything and everyone. Destiny by Inter team never banal. Face injustice, anger is our gasoline. It means that the triumph will be even more dolce.Certo, the four points lost at home before the Cagliari Siena yesterday with the (2-2 in San Siro), are just the gap that separates us from Juventus. The penalty? When the decision is in doubt, the balance is always the other side for some reason? But it does not eat the liver and live with regrets at the cost of going through suckers. Look forward. Need another tip. Now, in January. Maybe the Bundesliga. There are interesting young at reasonable prices. And we wait for the return of Sneijder. The Dutch may be the secret weapon. And let's leave the hysteria to Antonio Conte. We are Inter.

The dog that interrupted the game for 30 minutes (VIDEO)

Fans of Real Madrid and fans of Dortmund

Surprise before kick-off: Klopp uses Perisic. The Croat had gemotzt during the week about his reservist role at BVB. Klopp's reaction on Thursday: "Public Complaining is kindergarten." Response yesterday: Perisic in the starting lineup. Klopp: "He plays, not because he said anything, but still. It was always planned that we bring it today. " Klopp gracious. Götze and grandiose. The national team is preparing the 1:0 before by Lewandowski, that makes 3-1 after a fine solo (Note 1!). Götze: "That was a good goal."

Mario Götze 3 - 1 amazing goal bvb vs greuterFürth

The leakage can be the player from Borussia Dortmund pay today. They have already done yesterday during the game against Fürth in the second half. 3:1 wins the German champions. 3:1 it is already at the break. After that let the black and yellow tackle calm, win yourself fit for the Champions League match at Ajax Amsterdam on Wednesday (Draw enough for second round).