B. Moenchengladbach 1-0 Wolfsburg - Arango Super goal

11th Minute, the gala appearance of Arango. Volley from almost 16 meters, it just pulls off times. Either the ball goes out of the stadium or online. He goes into the net. Sensational Hit, run the foals. But the guests do not hide the contrary. You have a long time of possession, dominate the game. Only a significant scoring chance they play out not. Then the 39th Minute: free kick near the penalty area for the wolves to Diego occurs. He grabs his whole feeling in his right foot, lifting the ball over the wall lightweight - but also very thinly on goal. Towards the end of the first half, then happened what can fill each phrase pig: Wolfsburg makes the game, the goal Gladbach. After a corner Jantschke (44th) is unaccompanied freely on fiver, without increased effort to 2:0. After half-time the teams seem to have changed not only the sides but also the setting. The Borussia turned on at once, always have to save wolves-Keeper Benaglio. Goals not only.

Milan seeks permission for the 15-year-old to play in Serie A (Video)

Athleticos footballers see eye horror

Athletico Bilbao has traveled this morning to Israel to develop the next game in the Europa League against Israeli team Hapoel Shmona. But to get there, the Spaniards saw eyed horror as exactly in that field is a state of war. A few minutes after their rehabilitation, nearby detonated a bomb on a bus that left many injured. Seeing that no game sequence there, Bilbao leaders made ​​the request that the game be canceled for any other date. UEFA has accepted the request of Bilbao, and the team will return to Spain.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic drank a bottle of water and, refuses to give it to him

Two goals and two Ass. It was the return of Zlatan Ibrahimovic with PSG after a two-week disqualification due to his foot against goalie Saint Etienne. Carlo Ancelotti's team wins 4-0 against Troyes and the main protagonist is the Swedish striker. But the challenge is also filming a very interesting moment. Situated off vijavew Ibrahimovic game drink but is hampered by four match referee. Soon a reaction from Ibrahimovic sees threatening arbitrator then let cool. However, Zlatan not handed a bottle of water.