Asllani breaks record Ibrahimovic PSG

Forward Representative of Sweden, Kosovo Asllani, marked "hat-trick" in the last match for PSG beat Arras with the result 6:0 deep within the French league. Rather, what the match broke a club record, to hold Sunday PSG Swedish star Zlatan Ibrahimovic. She scored the fastest goal in the history of women's and men's team PSG to make frivolous Ibrahimoviqit record, as scored against Lilles after 27 seconds game.

Penalty most beautiful in the history of football

"New Messi" who plays for Milan

14-year-old Hakim Mastur from Morocco during the summer term came to Milan Arigo Sacchi suggestion for 500,000 euros. During the weekend the young Milan played against Albinolefes, while Hakim Mastur gave two goals and had a phenomenal presentation. For more check out the video below:

Great Goal: Eden Ben Basat on Israel vs Luxembourg

In qualifying matches for Botrorin 2014 that took place last night, there were quite a nice surprise and goals, while Israel Ben Bass player goal is assessed as qualifying matches beauty. Bass had a fantastic goal parabola that Israel won the match with the score of 3-0 to Luxembourg.

Ibrahimovic: I have never experienced this not (Video)

A sensational comeback occurred Tuesday evening as part of the qualifications for the World Cup 2014. Germany after about an hour the game had established the supremacy of 4-0 over Sweden in the match held in Berlin.
But the Swedes were not delivered and recorded a full four times to level the score and take a point against one of the strongest teams of the European continent. Sweden's main striker, Ibrahimovic said that never in his career to date has not experienced such a duel.
"Indeed I am experiencing a lot in career. But, so anything, ever, "he said.

Exclude Serbia from international competitions! (Video)

British media main topics are the qualifications for the World Cup 2014 in Brazil but duel U-21 team against Serbia that took place last night in Krusevac, which ended with a 1-0 victory for the visitors.
Throughout the match, the Serbian fans made ​​racist insults towards British players including Gordon Albion, and then signal the completion of the meeting came to a brawl between the players. English suggests that they were attacked and had to be protected by the Serbs, and the English Federation appealed to UEFA demanding punishment of Serbia.
Whereas, formerly the representative Englishman Ian Wright in his commentary published in the tabloid The Sun has called on UEFA to exclude Serbia from international competitions.

Judge asks Messi to be photographed together

Argentina continued with victory in South America in the World Cup qualifiers and back one meritorit for this victory "Gauçosëve" was Leo Messi, who himself was surprised when the end of the first half against Chile approached the judgeand asked that a line does make a picture with him. Assistant presiding judge could not wait at least until the end of the match, but asked the best player in the world to make a picture with him, which the representative Argentine admitted humbly. But it can pay the judge, since ethics do not allow the judge's action. Lack of professionalism will be considered by the Disciplinary Commission of Judges of FIFA.