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Messi was physically attacked by some children

Lionel Messi had a fantastic appearance for Barcelona beating his 2 goals Granada. But his fantastic presentation had a not so good end. After the match with Granada, some children were introduced to the area being captured for Messi. Providing intervened to remove them, but during their attendance also came close to his other children. They caught Messi T-shirts, creating a dilemma of whether they love it or the fact that he just was conquered their heart team

New Born simbol of peace

Shortly after the outbreak of the picture where the statue monument immediately after painting a name written, "Aurona" Our staff tried to contact and found Auronën which personally contacted for a short interview. How are you feeling after the publication of the picture where you laugh? Interestingly, our throttle hiccup day. Soon I had several contacts from multiple people. Even my mom and sisters mbytke hiccup. What was I do not know. What does it mean name Auronë? As I read Auronë name is derived from the Greek language and means "enhanced potential impact versatile", which means that if someone sees that I made ​​the wrong move, it spreads and error problem that makes someone again.

Rita Ora for new born

Shaqiri, who was born in Kosovo, but that has grown out of the country even though playing for a club outside his home and parents and plays for the Swiss national team, with great pride showed where it comes from. He has used social network Instagram to express his satisfaction and to congratulate his Albanian fans.

Strange, Neuerit gloves with 4 fingers

Known German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer has normally 5 fingers on the hand, but his gloves are deficient. In the match with Wolfsburg, Bayern goalkeeper is presented with a new model of gloves holding in hand as shield for Bayern Munich. Gloves with fingers reportedly asked Neuer themselves while they perform the job in the first game with them being undefeated.

Xherdan Shaqiri congratulates all of this annual 5

Today is the 5th year of the anniversary of Kosovo. Kosovo is recognized from around 98 countries of all the world, and most of them are the greatest power like Germany , France , Switzerland , Great Britain and USA. The reality must be truth, now Kosovo is independent country and it's completely separated from Serbia. Above all , the independence of Kosovo it's not only accepted from Europe , but also from International Court of Justice in Haag.

Totti Goal vs Juventus 1-0 2013 & AS Roma vs Juventus

Francesco Totti has established standing Romans after several frustrating weeks of Rome. Totti on derby with Juventus marked the victory of Rome a fantastic goal, what can he score often. Roman star pull off with a kick from distance which gave keeper Buffon chance to stop it. Stroke his speed reached 103 km per hour. Totti remains a goal to equalize legjendain Nordahl as the second best scorer in the history of Rome with 224 goals currently.

Celtic fan was placed in betting house?

Recently many face in facebook wider spread photo of a Celtic fan, after losing to Juventus 0-3, refused to leave the stadium, supposedly can not agree with the outcome. But what actually happened? Stadium worker to be seen with him in the picture, it turned out to be Albanian. He recounts what happened in those moments. This workshop fan said "What ki oj cows, which have met here. Qu go to Home " And turned his fan "What defamation. Sold back, here qita 1sh Celticut. Had koficient tmir, Barcelona has won. Now skom where hamom going, sleeping nstadium ". Then fan was forced to leave the stadium, and sleep streets looking for cans. Anyway, this photo spread on facebook, saying that this was somewhat a true fan that will not quit. What people do not like.