Kid Accidentally Dunks Himself Through Basketball Hoop

Wow this guy goes for a dunk but end up dunking himself instead

Gareth Bale super goal vs Lyon

Totenham has won in the last minute of the first match against Lyon, France, with a two Golesh Uellsianit Gareth Bale who shines ekte sezon.Ishte a nice match with the emotions, the first goal of the meeting was marked in 45 of the part of minefirst Bale.Pjesa second begins with many opportunities to v but her attacker is not showing accurate before portes.Ndeshja looks close there, but the French equate to min e88 ante Umiti.Por "magjishmi" Bale with a super gjuatjeits mine 3 add-on gives victory londinezve.

Bastian Schweinsteiger - This is my Season

Bastian Schweinsteiger (born 1 August 1984 in Rosenheim) is a German footballer who is since 2002 the Bundesliga Bayern Munich under contract since 2004 and active for the national team is. He is Rechtsfüßer and was used until 2009 in the right or left side of midfield. Since mid 2009, Bastian Schweinsteiger is situated mostly in central midfield.

David de Gea Amazing Reflez

Ronaldo's goal, entered the hassle 2 people

An interesting moment was captured by Spanish cameras in the challenge between Real Madrid and Manchester United. At the time of the goal of Ronaldo, two people were zine with each other. It seems that a person dressed in black hit white person unintentionally created a feeling of joy and violence both Spanish fans. Cameras caught a few moments of this event, and said that the situation between them is comfortable with the intervention of security.

RONALDINHO CRAZY ASSIST !! Atlético Mineiro vs Sao Paulo Libertadores

Brazilian star Ronaldinho ks showing something by his artistry. In the match between Athletico Mineiros and Sao Paulo, Dinho was the protagonists of his skill. Dinho managed to hide from the opposing defense without being caught in a position out of the game after the throw side to assist in goal. Dinho in this match assist in both his team's goals.

Messi can not so

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has praised introduction of Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo after equalizing 1-1 last night within the first duel between the 1/8 finals in the Champions League. Although Ronaldo leveled the score for Real Madrid making a long break and beat goalkeeper David de Gea. The way marked Ronaldo has brought praise from Ferguson.

Mesut ozil dribbling Rafael in RealMadrid

It’s Cristiano Ronaldo against his old team, Manchester United, in a Champions League bout. While everyone is getting excited for the match, there are always keys to watch for. Xabi Alonso is one yellow card away from a suspension, so he’ll have to play cautiously. United will do their best to force him into making a mistake. Sir Alex Ferguson knows the type of player Ronaldo is, so there’s a good chance we’ll be seeing an extra man on him for the duration of the match. Ferguson has been known for man-marking the biggest threats on the opposition. This should leave Mesut Ozil to steal the show. The space that will be in front of him will give Ozil many opportunities to make plays.