In addition to the beautiful game made ​​friendly with Colombia, Neymar became the topic of the media on a rare failure from the penalty of the match. Neymar Huqi a penalty which hit far from the reality. Media are compare his huqjen that the famous Sergio Ramosit hitting the ball at a height madhe.Madje media have "initiated" research to find planets ball hit the Brazilian star.

Amazing Goal of Sergio Ramos - Panama vs Spain

Cristiano Ronaldo has been increased competition in the Real Madrid in terms of free-throw execution. Ronaldo has long been marked by the position while his teammates Ozil and Ramos have shown in recent matches. Ozil was able to draw a draw for Real Madrid in the match against Dortmund, while Ramos in one of the rare collisions scored for Spain in friendly. "Am I one of those who knows how to shoot such shocks," Ramos said after the friendly match, Panama-Spain.

Player tries to hug the referee after Uzbekistan beat Iran

An interesting moment in the field was seen in Asian qualifying match between Iran and Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan won the match as a guest, while Uzbek footballer, Azizbek Haydarov rejoiced so much that celebrate winning goal with an inadequate person. Haydarov i'u primary judge approached the match to celebrate his goal. But the judge's reaction was immediate which removed him from it.

Arturo Vidal vs Serbia

Severe interference of Arturo Vidal on a Serbian footballer is expected to be suspended 3 games do not play for the representative of Chile. Juventus midfielder was very tough against a Serbian player in Chile and Serbia friendly match I go back in a start brutal.Gjyqtari with first drew a red card and finally Serbia win 1 to 3.

Gavilan Gomez Vs Iker Casillas

Although he faced one of the best goalkeepers in the world, from Panama striker dared to strike a penalty of "dangerous" but beautiful faced Iker Casillas. Gomez had the only goal for Panama in friendly against Spain from the penalty in style "Panenka". "It was a fantastic stroke that does not give me a chance to dictate anything. Goal beautiful no words "commented Casillas Gomez goal.

Jjournalist with Miroslav Klose

Albanian screens known journalist, Sonila Meco, I enjoyed yesterday all her loved ones heart with the birth of first daughter, which has already set the name. Asked by "Bluetooth" for this important event in her life, Sonila as always eloquently says: "yet everything seems a dream," while all the joy begins to show next to the girl. "Name decided Amaris, is a Hebrew name which means: God promises. The girl is more like his father "continues laughing Sonila, which yesterday was filled with loving wishes for a lifetime as long as his daughter. Amaris, the couple's first daughter has come to be known during the midday yesterday, at 13:35. She enjoys good health, just as her mother and weighing three kilograms, while as shows Sonila, is quite long. "At length a resemblance to my mom," said Meco, while adding her thanks to all the maternity staff "Queen Geraldine." "If my daughter had treated as a princess, I'm feeling just a queen and I sincerely from the heart to thank all the maternity staff, especially Dr. Halim Kosova, who has followed my progress" continued the reporter. At the end of the writing staff of "Bluetooth" to take this opportunity to congratulate the Drin, Sonilës and Amarisit, long and happy life.

Lorik Cana, now is the turn of Belen Rodriguez ...?

It is about showgirl known in Italy, she has broken the hearts of many Italians and not only. Is exactly Belen Rodriguez. It has put an end to her relationship with the Italian dancer. It also counts famous Italian names that has done for them ... we can mention: Marco Borrielo (footballer) Fabrizio Corona (Photographer), and numerous others. Well it seems that Belen has already rested our captain. Lorik Cana is reported to have come up with and be kissed i
n public.