Shakira reacts when Ronaldo makes Barcelona goal

The latest alleged victim of the agency's spying is the Barcelona and Spain defender Gerard Piqué, who was reportedly trailed on the orders of club bosses worried about whether his romance with the Colombian pop star Shakira and his embrace of the city's nightlife was damaging his form on the pitch.

Here message Vilanova from New York

Barcelona coach Tito Vilanova has a direct relationship with his players from New York. The coach who made history with Barcelona in the first edition, has motivated his players after the crisis of results. Vilanova said to have made a direct link to who has spoken personally. "Guys like you have? How I feel better when I continue to see you at the top of the rankings in La Liga. You conducted without end me in the strongest league in the world. Did you know this? How many people do you cheer in the last 10 days because I think many people that eat up your time. Guys, everyone knows that your time has just begun. In war warriors killed, but you're not dead. Mighty just been attacked excited. I believe that your answer to your opponents will be in the arena, in the field. You know what you have lost in these two games? Nothing HIC. Lost Milan because it was not your night, but you are the ones who can quickly restore everything in this match to forget that loss. You have lost the cup. You remember what I told you in training for this cup. Go with half strength because La Liga is our priority. Guys, you do not have a crisis, I believe that will put them in crisis, those who have written about your crisis. Guys, I'm not with you today, but I'm with you, mind you. My health is progressing, I hope that you prosper in the coming weeks. Believe Jordin Rouran, because he knows how to draw the best from you. Youths who proclaim Messi missing, let us find it librën of history because it is the largest ever. All Catalonia will feel proud of you, know that you can stamp Saturday La Liga. I greet you, keep stërviteni, to work, because you are hard working people. Salute Leon (Messi). I say that all of them envy it. You want "i'u Vilanova said players. Direct link was not Lionel Messi because of an illness, and has been interpreted in a radio statement spanjollle by a journalist close to Barcelona. Said in a speech Vilanovës, some players have cried with emotion.