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Rocky comes to the Klitschko

He is by Muhammad Ali, the most famous boxer in the world: Rocky Balboa, fighting name "The Italian Stallion", the Italian Stallion. Rocky boxed only on the screen, it has played in six grand strip Michael Sylvester "Sly" Stallone Gardenzio. The 66-year U.S. superstar sits Saturday - in Hamburg on the ring, peeping his "colleagues" Wladimir "Dr. Steel Hammer "Klitschko (36) at work. The doctor operates in the sold-out O2 World before 15,000 fans, patient No. 62, the Pole Mariusz Wach (32). Complaints: Title hungry! Vladimir: "The Rocky movies with Sylvester Stallone we watched as kids. He was the reason why we are excited for boxing. " Topsy-Turvy World: Now, look, "Sly" when Klitschko. "I never meant to inspire someone with 'Rocky' for boxing. But it has happened, "laughs the Hollywood legend. "Nevertheless, I think that, had Rocky 'lucky never to have against Wladimir in the ring." "Rock" and "Vlad" but now engage together in the musical business to. Stallone: "When Vladimir approached for the first time for me, I thought he might make a fight movie or involve me in a boxing promotion. When he submitted to me the Rocky as a musical idea, I almost fell off my chair. "At 18.11. celebrates "Rocky" world premiere in Hamburg now. Is the boxer Wladimir someone like Rocky? Stallone: "Wladimir is smarter than 'Rocky', worldly and well-traveled. He is much more than just a boxer, even more than an impressive boxing champion. "Wow ...

Arsenal keen on Swiss prospect Granit Xhaka

God knows Arsenal could do with some granite in their team right now and they might be able to get some, according to Swiss rag Blick. It claims the Gunners are hoping to prise Granit Xhaka from Borussia Monchengladbach, just six months after he joined the German outfit from Basel. The 20-year-old midfielder moved to Germany in a £7m deal last May and though he hasn't done badly in the Bundesliga, Blick reports that Arsene Wenger is a huge fan of Xhaka's and could "test Monchengladbach's resolve with a January bid". Just how sizeable the bid would need to be remains unclear, but with Xhaka contracted to Monchengladbach for another four years the Gunners would have to break the habit of a lifetime and offer big money. Of Albanian descent, Xhaka has played ten times for Switzerland since making his debut in 2011 and has been linked in the past with Chelsea, Barcelona and Manchester United.

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Santos took his sweater Van Persie

This is the picture that makes the boom in Internet ... Many football fans the day before at various sites Facebook did not believe that Santos has made this really.