It is the one and only Steven Gerrard

Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard is the only footballer in the Premier League is not replaced any minute in the league. English is not fantastic midfielder replaced for any single minute in this edition. Gerrard has played a total of 2880 minutes of game playing 2 minutes more than Aston Villa player, Mat Lauton. I third largest minutazhën is John ëalters of Stoke City.

Inter vs Atalanta-What a miss Ranocchia

Inter players were not only angry with the judge of the match Inter-Atalanta for that dubious penalty awarded against zikaltërve. Was Ronochia player who could provide to Inter Milan a point at the end of the match if they will be showing more attentive when it scored on the empty goal in the vicinity of 5 meters. Inter loss is almost lost all hope for a country that sends in the Champions League.

Pique-Ibrahimovic: earthquake continues, other detected photos

Another shock from Gerard Pique and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, comes through a photo taken during Psg-Barcelona match. This photo is attached another photograph taken in 20010, where they were photographed in a parking lot, when Ibra played in Catalan land. These photos raise larger debate, while Ibra respond to a reporter: "Do I gay? Skip from my house and take away sister. " Two players met Tuesday in Parc de Princes Stadium. In pictures shown how Swedish striker has embraced and Pique has put up in a completely inappropriate place.

Messi taking penalties against robot goalkeeper, in Japanese tv show

you think im 7? check out my video's, my work.. i know what im talking about!! there are many players and coaches who says that messi is the best ever!! even maradona admit it!! and pele to!! even penaldo said he was the best! dude please where are youre facts? don't judge me bcz im right!

Goal Didier Drogba - Galatasaray 3 - 1 Mersin

Galatasaray started badly with Mersinsportin game after only after 30 minutes was at a disadvantage 1-0 and with 10 players. But not in vain from Istanbul team has bought players to change the game alone. We mean Didier Drogba, who scored two goals (marked Melo) 3-1 victory. Drogba's first goal on 69 minutes was a high difficulty and simply fabulous.

Moment when Balotelli smokes cigarettes behind Adriano Galliani

Mario Balotelli is "cigarexhija" Milan. Italian striker was seen smoking a cigarette on the train ride to match with Fiorentina. Balotelli back Adriano Galliani backpack was caught smoking a cigarette in the corner of a walk-not on the train. Not only in Milan regulations banned lead the cigarette, but also on the train it was forbidden. Balotelli has been warned to be punished for this gesture.