Shame simulation of Neymar and yellow card

Neymari has not been very lucky this year, especially of disciplinary problems. He was suspended in mid-February and Saturday's game against Corinthiasit had just returned. Except during the match does not shine, Neymari got cardboard for a more visible simulation. This card makes it fail again in some future game Santos. But, he deserved punishment!

Pepe Assassin vs Alexis Clásico 2013

Barcelona in La Liga Disciplinary Commission commissioned to review Pepes intervention which could have serious consequences. Pepe tried to use a plow Alexis Sanchez extended his leg to hit him in the head, but his foot came to. Disciplinary committee will review this case together with Valdes card offensive gesture Jordi Alba and coach Real porters.

Zaur Sadayev with his first goal in Beitar

Dzhabrail midfielder Kadiyev and Zaur Sadayev striker had left the Russian team Terek Grozny last for Beitar Jerusalem team, which news was not well received in Israel, especially by fans of the Israeli team. Disgrace to football was not exactly by these fans. Sadayev Muslim striker pull a goal in a match against Hapoel Tel Aviv reached his first goal in fanelën Israeli squad. While some fans celebrated his goal, the rest of the fans left the stadium only because Score a Muslim player. Embarrassing story is called miserable by foreign media.

Altuna Sejdiu and Cozman

Tuna Sejdiu, provocative enough lately. Sexy singer recently posed with gold dress with a few pictures thrown in instalagram. Tuna dress has already exposed its physical assets which have already been made ​​known in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia.

Bayern also suggests Hoffenheim

Bayern Munich is in rotation: Besides Xherdan Shaqiri allowed three of the beginning ran away. Moreover, the lack Bavaria Cup hero Robben. Eren Derdiyok at Hoffenheim must take place on the bench. He comes in the 76th Minutes leveled out, a few weeks later from yellow, but otherwise remains pale. The decision is made in the 38th Minute: De Camargo bad pass lands at Boateng, who immediately launched Ribéry. The Frenchman takes off to head to Mario Gomez, who pushes past Hoffenheim keeper Gomes. It is already the 133rd Bundesliga goal for Gomez. In the 64th Minute Shaqiris working already terminated prematurely. Without a shot on goal, he must leave his place the defensive Luis Gustavo. Once more must-New Replacement Heavy make long and Schroeck-angle shot from the scratch (67). Seconds later remove a Schweinsteiger free kick over the crossbar. But no more goals. The situation is more uncomfortable for Hoffenheim. Augsburg after victory in Bremen Kraigauer have now already five points off the relegation place. In the second Sunday game to Dusseldorf and Mainz separate 1:1. Fortuna is in the sixth minute through an own goal by Svensson. Klasnic possible for the guests before the break, the compensation (41) (ivr)