Rafinha, Dante & Luiz Gustavo play keep-uppy with two balls

Luiz Gustavo, Dante and Rafinha spectacle with Samba in FC Bayern's training center, we Säbener Str.

Michael Ballack vs Referee Tom Henning

a case the referee Tom Henning Övrebö left at chelsea being eliminated this victory to the worth of the barsa who sincerely did not deserve to win because the referee did not believe that the 4 criminal deserved the win to the blues

Jaca can join Cana

Borusia Kosovar midfielder Mynshengladbah, Granite Jaca, it appears that there is going good moments to the German team, and this can lead to his removal, at least so reported the German media, stransmeton Start notice. Kosovo midfielder adventure to German club seems it has not been easy. Foreign media report the 20-year-old disappointment to this team. These disappointment could spark the interest of other clubs Albanian striker Switzerland. Reported that one Xhakës destinations can be Italian club Lazio, which is to monitor the situation carefully Xhakës Mynshengladbahu. "Lacialët" during the summer we left behind attempted to transfer Kosovo midfielder but he chose the German club, but this may change again. Possible transfer Xhakës to the Italian team will join him on the star Albanian Lorik Cane, which will painting the history of the club with little Albanian history.

Robert Carlos Amazing Free Kick

Brazilian soccer team Gremio, Leo Gago has scored a fantastic goal for his team. Gago scored a goal similar to the famous goal Roberto Carlos final match against France. Gagos kick took efe which gave no chance guest keeper to stop it.

Turkish flag provoke the Serbs of Kosovo

Turkish fans have reconfirmed their support and love for Kosovo. International basketball match between Besiktasit and Partizan, held in Istanbul over the weekend, the Turkish club's fans have unveiled a Kosovo flag, which has outraged Serbs. The immediate reaction was Serbian media, according to which, the next was to provoke the Turks, who, by the Serbs, if they have problems with them. "One might have thought that the colors carry Paphos, which holds Besiktasi, would not suffer harassment Serbian team in Istanbul, but bardhezinjtë received a very hostile atmosphere by about 6 thousand fervent fans leaving suspected supporters of Turkey's champion Serbian teams problems, "writes website Serbian Meanwhile, in the gym 'Abdi Ipekçi' was attended by dozens of Serbian fans, who were two Serbian flags. Turkish fans have tried to remove these flags from them, but the immediate reaction was the police who prevented the purpose of the Turks. This was not the first time that Turkish clubs make such reception for Serbian teams. In the past, Turkish fans had called 'Kosovo, Kosovo', then 'the KLA, KLA', when faced with the Serbian team, confirming support for Kosovo and hatred they feel toward the Serbs.

Halilhodzic, coach makes this trick

Bosnian coach Vahid Halilhodzic know to be very funny sometimes. Algeria's national team coach has shown something of his skill in the game last night that Algeria won against Libya. Even though the 59-year-old Bosnian coach stopped a miracle ball, followed by even more beautiful.

39 meters Supergoal of Enis Gavazaj

FT: Albania U19 3-1 Belgium U19 Albanian team goals were scored by Enis Gavazaj in the first and in the second have shunuar Elvis Kabashi and Shehaj. It was a game dominated by our team representative where the result could have been even more deep if he had exploited established cases.

54 goals of Ronaldinho from free throws (VIDEO)

Foto: Podemos abrir uma boa distância de pontos pro Grêmio. Vamos com tudo pra conquistar essa vitória.In the following video you can see all the goals of global superstar, Ronaldinho scored in career free throws.
The video released by Brazilian television, show a lot of interest from global football fans, specifically wizard Ronaldinho.
Ronaldinho has scored total of 54 goals in career free throws, including the time when he was a player teams Gremio, PSG, Barcelona, Milan, Flamengo, Athletico Miineiro and Brazilian representative