Shakira reacts when Ronaldo makes Barcelona goal

The latest alleged victim of the agency's spying is the Barcelona and Spain defender Gerard Piqué, who was reportedly trailed on the orders of club bosses worried about whether his romance with the Colombian pop star Shakira and his embrace of the city's nightlife was damaging his form on the pitch.

Here message Vilanova from New York

Barcelona coach Tito Vilanova has a direct relationship with his players from New York. The coach who made history with Barcelona in the first edition, has motivated his players after the crisis of results. Vilanova said to have made a direct link to who has spoken personally. "Guys like you have? How I feel better when I continue to see you at the top of the rankings in La Liga. You conducted without end me in the strongest league in the world. Did you know this? How many people do you cheer in the last 10 days because I think many people that eat up your time. Guys, everyone knows that your time has just begun. In war warriors killed, but you're not dead. Mighty just been attacked excited. I believe that your answer to your opponents will be in the arena, in the field. You know what you have lost in these two games? Nothing HIC. Lost Milan because it was not your night, but you are the ones who can quickly restore everything in this match to forget that loss. You have lost the cup. You remember what I told you in training for this cup. Go with half strength because La Liga is our priority. Guys, you do not have a crisis, I believe that will put them in crisis, those who have written about your crisis. Guys, I'm not with you today, but I'm with you, mind you. My health is progressing, I hope that you prosper in the coming weeks. Believe Jordin Rouran, because he knows how to draw the best from you. Youths who proclaim Messi missing, let us find it librën of history because it is the largest ever. All Catalonia will feel proud of you, know that you can stamp Saturday La Liga. I greet you, keep stërviteni, to work, because you are hard working people. Salute Leon (Messi). I say that all of them envy it. You want "i'u Vilanova said players. Direct link was not Lionel Messi because of an illness, and has been interpreted in a radio statement spanjollle by a journalist close to Barcelona. Said in a speech Vilanovës, some players have cried with emotion.

Barcelona vs Real Madrid Sergio Busquets Hitt Pepe

At the beginning of the second 45 minutes Messi tried to take the issue into their own hands and radiate with dribbling goal threat. The Argentine, however, failed repeatedly to Real's defenders. The first significant scoring chance in the second period belonged Coentrao, who was excellent set of Ozil in scene, with its central shot but goalkeeper Pinto could provide no hard task. A few seconds later had Real's keeper Lopez shine with his first parade as it tried Busquets with a powerful shot outside the penalty area. In the 57th Minute of the game to increase the Royal 2:0: Di Maria vernaschte first Puyol and then failed to Pinto - Ronaldo, however, was on the spot and scored his second goal from close range. Barca were not to be, but could not find the answer to Real's defensive safe. Just ten minutes later Varane ensured the decision, when he after Özil Eckballhereingabe marked with a header made ​​it 3-0. In the final stage Ronaldo could mark a hat-trick, but Pinto parried his shot from a tight angle. On the opposite side Alba was in a similar situation considerably mellowed and thus achieved a consolation goal for the Catalans. On Saturday, the two arch rivals in the Primera Division to the next El Clasico. At the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu the Merengues received at 16.00 clock ( reported LIVE!) The counterparty from Catalonia.

Jordi Alba vs Sergio Ramos Fight

The duel between the two giants was coined in the early stages of many fast moves and intense battles. After a few seconds it was in the penalty on finding a dangerous as a pass from Messi to Pedro only the narrowest of margins with his weaker right foot missed the goal post. Real could repel the attacks of the stormy home side and Mourinho's team was stronger after ten minutes. After 13 minutes of play contributed to pique a blunder when he Ronaldo with a sliding tackle in his own penalty area and brought it consistently gave a penalty. Fouled the Portuguese came to himself and turned easily to the early 1-0 lead for the reigning Spanish champions. Barca tried a quick response: 120 seconds after the goal it was in real danger penalty after Fabregas went down and called a penalty. Referee Alberto Undiano Mallenco was however rightly no penalties for the Catalans. It took until the 40th Minute before the home side were able to radiate danger again. The previously committed, but hapless Messi again narrowly missed the housing of guests.

Barcelona 0-3 Real Madrid

A simply spectacular match with a Real Madrid papërmajtshëm this gjymëfinale between Barcelona and Real Madrid has shocked fans by 3 goals Barcelona suffered from 'Los Blancos'. Halftime first goal came from a penalty discussed, Cristiano won executed, while the second Madrid confirmed success. Was Cristiano who scored the second goal and Raphael VERANN that gave the third goal triumph.

Didier Drogba causes coma for David Barral after a head butt

In last night's game week 23 of the Turkish football championship between Galatasaray and Ordusporit the end has come up heads match between Didier Drogba and David Barralas. Both after the game fell on the field, and worse pass BARRAL which, for a few minutes was unconscious. Soon both players took the help of a doctor, while Spanish striker was sent to the hospital quickly help.

Fabio Santos Palmeiras gives spectacular dribling

Brazilian footballer, Fabio Santos made ​​the most beautiful driblimin week. Palmeiras star with a fantastic dribble and pass his opponent by putting the ball between the legs. Opponent not resist driblimin thus preventing Santos impermissible interference. In the following video can shikonë this moment.

Gareth Bale goal vs West Ham

Tottenham Welshman star Gareth Bale is going through the most successful edition career. Advanced defender in midfield is making spectacular goals in suksesset Tottenham. Bale score twice in Tottenham victory against West Ham, even beautiful goal in the last minute of the match. Bale is currently third in league scorer with 15 goals.

Real Madrid footballer will play for Albania

Giani De Biasi has reportedly convinced supertalentin borrowed Russian team Zenit Russian, Bosnian Forum Sadzid Susice to play for the Albanian national team. Husic is owned by Real Madrid player, while its price is 25 million euros. Husic was born in Austria, Kosovo origin, and is currently Bosnian passport. Zenit talent is considered one of the greatest talents that European football today being sought from Barcelona, Lazio many other teams. De Biasi said to have completed all the details with him and that he will debut Shquipërinë match against Norway. Player himself is said to have been the first few days in Tirana, probably to get Albanian passport. Days ago Husic was Bosnian media theme since called traitor Edin Dzeko.

Sneijder amazing first goal for Galatasaray

Dutch fantastic midfielder Wesley Sneijder has scored a very nice goal for Galatasaray. Sneijder first goal punch fanelën Gallatës to Orduspor match. Galatasaray was losing even a score of 0 to 2 when Sneijder began restoring strong team to victory. Sneijder punch for 1 to 2, and at the end of Galata won 4 to 2.

Ibra gives coat phenomenon PSG number 9

Former best player in the world, the Brazilian Ronaldo won a T-shirts from French team PSG. Ronaldo ishtte present at the stadium to see the derby between PSG and Marseille while before the match he was honored by Ibrahimovic. Ibra gave him a T-shirts in the stadium received warm applause in the stadium. Ronaldo's presence on the field so happy was also the Brazilian Leonardo.

When Giggs debut, some were not to be

A picture analysis shows how olds were now teammates Giggs when star Welshman debut with Manchester United on 3 March 1991. Scholes back then was 16 years old, 12-year-old Ferdinand while Carrrick, Vidic and Evra 9 years. Rafael time was 8 months, De Gea Wellbeck had 3 months to live. Phil Jones and Powell were not born at all.


The weather is apparently just as vigorous as their love for each other, Rihanna's wild mane is certainly totally disheveled. The power rock was derived from Rihanna's own collection, "Rihanna for Iceland Fever". The Internet Portal reported even a very hot rumor: Supposedly Brown wants to stop in Hawaii as much as Rihanna's hand. Not a bad idea, if you have such a catch on the hook - or what do you think?

Balotelli incident with inter fans

Mario Balotelli is a striker promising and challenging Inter tried to score at all costs. But at least three times zikaltër keeper Handanovic goal satisfaction denied. I frustrated by the lack of goal, but Inter fans' racist choirs, Balotelli is caught in the second making an ugly gesture.

Look at that jam made ​​Christiano Ronaldo Messi

Real Madrid is more or less on the way to El Clasico to Barcelona. The match against Deportivo La Coruna also evaluated Jose Mourinho than just test, because Cristiano Ronaldo was among other things to start only on the bench, but without the first guard should it just enough for a 2-1 win.

Miss announced in a rural village

Forest Park Pass lies on the northern slope of the neck with the same name in elevation 400-1300 meters above sea level and occupies an area of ​​1010ha. Pass Neck opens a vast horizon towards the Ionian sea and space only from the neck can grasp at a glance all the wonderful spaces Riviera. It is one of the true wonders offered by Mother Nature. For years, is a National Park and is known to all tourist almanac of the same name. Pass neck and strategic importance. It constitutes the only possible crossing land between the coast of the Ionian Sea and Vlora bay. It has been exploited in antiquity as pathways. Julius Caesar used to pass his troops toward Oriku. Today, the road goes through it Vlore - Sarande.

Jordi Amat Amaizing goal from halfway Rayo Vallecano

A fantastic goal is scored in La Liga in the game that ended a few moments between Rayo Vallecanos and Real Valladolid. Midfielder Jordi Amat took care in this very beautiful goal by answering the next action after friends scored a goal. Just a few meters away half of the field, Amat paraboloi Valladolid goalkeeper to score to 1 to 1.

Tevez Bury Chelsea With A Supergol

Manchester City defeated at Etihad Stadium London team, Chelsea, with the result 2-0. At the beginning of the game was extremely dynamic, locals dominated. The first part ended goalless, but the second half was outstanding. Lampard from the penalty spot kick was stopped by Joe Hart. As Aguerro not passed Chelsea the lead. Yaya Toure in the 63rd minute after a combination with Silva scored the first goal. While Tevez doubled in pattern.

Playstation 4 relase

The key points for the upcoming PlayStation 4, Sony has unveiled at the show. This we take you along for our extensive news. In retrospect, however, are several interesting details become known. We'll tell you what you can expect from the PS4 yet. PS4 Hardware: Probably at E3 in the picture Probably the biggest criticism of presentation in New York was the missing hardware. Sony abandoned entirely to a visualization of the new console. According to initial information, the console will be unveiled at the upcoming games at E3 in the U.S.. It is however not yet clear whether in fact the case is issued or only images are shown of them. Until then, we must imagine the PS4 easy. Tech Specs: Only after the presentation If you have only seen the live stream of the event or our live ticker, you will still miss the tough specifications. This Sony has announced after the event by notice. So a combination of AMD CPU and GPU on one chip comes with 8 cores Jaguar unknown clock-rate is used. It is a power-saving model and not the more powerful piledriver cores that AMD uses, for example in its FX CPUs. There are also 8 GB of GDDR5 memory, a Blu-ray drive, Wi-Fi by the N-standard USB 3.0 ports for fast data transfers, as well as Bluetooth. As a Sony x86 and thus relies on PC architecture, is likely the PS4 analog age to the classic desktop and be overtaken in terms of pure performance accordingly fast.

Kaka Amazing GOAL vs Deportivo La Coruna

Leite Kaka take one of the few chances that Jose Morinho is giving Real Madrid. Brazilian star was one of the best Real Madrid to victory against La Corunjës, even scoring one of two goals for Real Madrid in the match. Kaka realize 72 minutes into the match to level the score. Mourinho after this match will think better Kakas activation in other games for Real as a holder.

Van Persei injury total

Robin Van Persie has suffered injury in dealing with QPR bringing fear for Manchester United before facing Real Madrid. Van Persie after making an indentation on the side, lost control in flight being down near a hearing forografik. Van Persie has had severe pain in the back and was forced to get out of the game after 41 minutes of the match. Will soon learn the extent of his injury which will confirm the presence or lack thereof in the game against Real Madrid.

Thaci celebrates his son

A facebook is circulating a picture where you can see Prime Minister Hashim Thaci son Endrit. Description of the picture that is being spread PDK branch pages on facebook, says the photo is taken during the New Year's celebration. Thaçi picture seen with a glass of brandy in his hand. Meanwhile, the prime minister's son, is seen to have slipped out the back a belt "Armani". Endrit, goes to private school "Mehmet Akif". He is the only child of Thaci.

Bet the student was 'undo' from Milan

A student from the UK spent an experience as unique as it is bitter when not escape from their hands full 1 million pounds because that Barcelona team suffered 2-0 defeat at San Siro against Milan. As same surname Catalan defenders did not help 20-year-old boy Simon Pique become a millionaire even though he found the correct score of 7 matches of the Champions League, having failed precisely in the face of San Syros. Milan-Barcelona betrayed because his label he had provided for guests' 0-2 victory. Outcome his shot but not the winning team.

The fantastic Luis Suarez (VIDEO)

That nowadays is probably the best striker in the world, Luis Suarez gave a compelling match. Fantastic striker Liverpool pull off two outstanding goals in the match with team ruseZenit beautiful appearance had British giant, although in the end had to agree to the elimination. Suarez punch 2 times from the free kick. The first pull closer with a powerful blow, while the second was more spectacular with a beautiful efe.

Barça this video 'scares' Milan

With over 40,000 students, the University of Western Sydney (UWS) is the fifth largest university in Australia. Over 2, 800 international students from 70 different countries choose to study at UWS each year. UWS is a young, energetic and rapidly growing university with six campuses located in Sydney's Greater West region (Bankstown, Nirimba/Blacktown, Campbelltown, Hawkesbury, Parramatta and Penrith). Each campus has a distinctive character and offers small class sizes and excellent access to academic staff. UWS has a reputation for research and academic excellence. The lecturers are innovative and highly qualified. The University encourages staff to respond to changing technological and theoretical trends and to apply the knowledge gained in their teaching programs. UWS takes pride in the performance of its students, and believes the ultimate measure of its success is the quality of its graduates.

Ricardo Kaka and sister from Mesut Ozil

Although Ricardo Kaka due to the set under Jose Mourinho at Real Madrid Mesut Ozil hardly the train arrives, he sees the Germans more a friend than a competitor. "He's a good friend and colleague of mine, whom I greatly admire. I argue with him for a place in midfield, but our relationship is very good. It's the same with the other. We have a great team in the booth all laugh together, even though the competition is great, "he told the newspaper EL DIARIO.   The lively Brazilian is a real team player and loses his smile despite his difficult situation in the Spanish capital. The decisions of the coach "accepted and respected" even when he was supposed to mean not that he was satisfied with the place on the bench there. "Mourinho and I have a very professional relationship with each other," said the 30-year-old. "I work hard to play more often and achieve my goals. I am of the idea at the 2014 World Cup to be there, obsessed and want to win many titles with Real Madrid. "

Licking threw themselves to the ground Neymar

A more severe punishment may be given to Neymar, who was punished with a red card, after exchanging shots with Ponte Preta's defense, Arthur. The news was announced by the Brazilian Sports Tribunal. Santos star is accused of giving "two shots to the opponent's side" and "a kick in the leg", charges which could jeopardize a long ban from 4 to 12 matches "for physical aggression during a football match" but this sentence can be added 3 weeks for "harsh and hostile actions." Both players will be brought before the disciplinary committee on Monday. Neymar has a contract with Santos until 2014-n, but accepted many of the bigger European clubs. Last month, he said that there was "still time" to play in Europe, but later proved to be open to the possibility of transfer to Spain or Germany, not excluding the Paris Saint Germain.

Dynamo Kiev's players on training

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Tiziano Crudeli goal celebrating, Milan 2-0 FC Barcelona

Tiziano Crudelli "crazy" in every match Milan, qofshina to victory or defeat. His reactions after goals red and black in "7Gold" have become famous all over the world, but his celebration after yesterday's victory in the Champions League against Barcelona has crossed the borders of Italy. "", a newspaper close to Real Madrid "feston2 exactly crazy commentator milanist loss Katalanasve" San Siro ".


Chelsea is skilled in 1/8-ën the final of the Europa League with a disappointing draw against Sparta Prague at Stamford Bridge to reach the last seconds of the challenge. Chelsea was presented with the first lineup, with shortages of Ashley Cole and Eden Hazard single distinct in the lineup. This interesoi no guests who surprised Chelsea with a 17-minute goal for 1-0. Visitors played well until the end of the meeting, it was Eden Hazard he scored the 1-1 in the first minute (90 '+1).

Even the ads 'against' Arsenal

Arsenal2Taking place the 88th minute of the match, Arsenal host Emirates is dominated by Bayern Munich 1-3, and in the advertising side of the field appeared the question: Are you Uefa Champions League level? (Are you on the level of the Champions League?
London giants seems not enough lecture by Bayern and had to be 'touched' by the advertising side of the field. Bayern dominated the contest and is very close to qualifying for the quarterfinals after the great superiority of the game as a guest.
In the history of the race elite European clubs, only two teams have managed to overturn such a result, Ajax in 1995 and Inter Milan in 2010.

The damaging and then kiss you apologize

Juventus starting XI vs Roma 2012:- Buffon, Barzagli, Bonucci, Chiellini, Caceres, Vidal, Pirlo, Marchisio, De Ceglie, Matri, Vucinic AS Roma starting lineup v Juve 2012:- Stekelenburg; Taddei, Burdisso, Castan, Balzaretti; Tachtsidis, Florenzi, De Rossi; Lamela, Osvaldo, Totti

Supergoal in 99 minute, crazy team (VIDEO)

A match "infinite" set by a spectacular goal: so will be remembered Israeli championship match between Maccabi Tel Aviv and Bnei Yehuda, decided by a last second goal by midfielder author Moshe Lugasi. Goli initialed 3-2 victory and awarded 3 gold points Maccabi Tel Aviv stands on top of the championship. And in such cases the party is fully legitimate.

Mario Balotelli e Robinho dancing at San Siro

Mario Balotelli has been one of the most ardent fans of Milan to the challenge against Barcelona. Nearby ardent was Robinho, and with them stood a peach.Milan's two goals in this challenge they celebrated together and found time for "virus" Harlem Shake.

Prince Boateng Goal AC Milan VS Barcelona

But then the man came right offensive. Peng Boateng! Montolivo fired a free-kick into the box, Boateng comes to the ball takes off - inside (55th)! And not only because of the important hit Boateng is THE hero. He makes the front gate, behind defending against Messi. Here, the Argentine is otherwise the magician. In the league succeeded the superstar last until the 300th Results for Barca.

Milan vs Barcelona 2-0

It tingles, it cooks, it is exciting! 1-1 in Istanbul would certainly not the worst result for the "Royal Blues". Teemu Pukki is now in play for Huntelaar. Can the Finn underscore his goal threat? Asked his callousness long demonstrated has Milans Kevin-Prince Boateng. Milan leads against Barca. Is it enough to win?

Milan to Chelsea?

2 month promo for these 2 clubs, for this superndeshje and watched the first part not desirable! We hope for a super second part, as befits two clubs! Let's win the best!

Milani him break the Barcelona area

Not yet begun supersfida the Champions League between Milan and Barcelona have been complaints prior to this match. Barcelona team that prepared the terrain complained Milani. Jordi ROURE estimated that Milan could have done intentionally since it has had time enough to want to regulate the grass of the field after the game with Parmën. Even in today's training players have complained in Milan terrain. Spanish media have called the current terrain of Milan, as a field of potatoes. This is not the first time that Barcelona complains that disrupt opponents ground, in order to break their game with passes to the ground, which is difficult on a large scale.


The Russian town of Oymyakon deep in Siberia is confident about fighting off the challenge of the nearby town of Verkhoyansk for the title of the world's coldest inhabited place where temperatures routinely dip below minus 60 Celsius.

Pyroshow Arsenal vs. Bayern

While the U.S. series "Two and a Half Man" and "Big Bang Theory" on ProSieben switched Sky two commercials - and was 40 seconds each from the Bayern game at Arsenal. And the commercial break during "Big Bang Theory" it happened: Commentator Roland Evers welcomed the audience just as the 1:2 Lukas Podolski headed for London. What a coincidence! Two 40 seconds live football during the 90 minutes. And THEN JUST a goal is scored. Madness.

Mario Mandžukić Goal Arsenal 1 3 FC Bayern

You can start now to make plans for the final quarter. It is doubtful after winning tonight. Today really proved the power of Bayern Poldi, Mert and other stars of Arsenal. I do not know whether they were mistakes by referee intentional or unintentional, I say this because some yellow cards awarded, plus the the nonexistent corner kick. Still, we unstoppable march toward glory Continent, Cup more important and more valuable world football. Expect to see who will pick us in the next round.

Wenger cry after Mandzukic goal

Are people after all! Wenger has done a tremendous job to Arsenal, I admire as a coach. Sorry if this loss will bring about the end of his Arsenal .. Destiny is very bad sometimes

Toni Kroos Goal Arsenal 0-1 FC Bayern München

Half time! The fans show their disappointment with the performance of the Gunners, it was up to a few minutes appealing at all! Bayern play here but something of sovereign and lead earned in the level 2-0. Kroos and Müller use the first chances, New was never once tested. A few moments came the Bayern defense under attack, but as the penetration was lacking on the part of the hosts. Equal it continues!

Ibra say that he one day play for...

One day I would like to play in the Bundesliga, it is clear that if I go to Germany, I would do for Bayern Munich .... | Zlatan Ibrahimovic |

Arsenal vs Bayern Munich formation

News and damage teams: Arsenal: One of the severe to Arsenal, it would be Keiran Gibbs (plays on the left) which is damaged and Nacho Monreale just been recruited in the team is not yet ready. So the only solution seems to be Vermaelen, who will start the game on the left side. Mertesacker, who was on the bench during the match against Blackburn, will be part of the starting formation along with Koscielny and Sagna-n on the right. Theo Walcott, Jack Wilshere and Santi Cazorla will return to their regular positions, and it will be interesting to see Wenger decision for placing GIROUD, at the top of the formation, before. There have been many rumors that Arsene Wenger should leave Frenchman bench, and give Podolski advantage to start the game with Ramsey alongside Arteta because they are a very good defensive doubles. This means also that the body Wilshere can play in a position with avantazhuar and Carzola can take Podolski position in the left arm. Players like Rosicky and Diaby could be on the bench, port available for substitution. Bayern Munich: Germans will come with a lack in this match. They will be without Claudio Pizarro-n, Jerome Boateng, Holger Badstuber and Arjen Robben could be included in the replacement. However will return again Javi Martinez who lost Wolfsburg game because of an injured toe. The best scorer of the Bundesliga's Mario Mandzukic can take back a nod before they enter the field to replace Mario Gomez. Possible lineups Arsenal: Szczesney; Sagna, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Vermaelen; Arteta, Wilshere, Cazorla, Podolski, Walcott; Ramsey / GIROUD (depends on Wenger's decision) Bayern Munich: Neuer; Lahm, Van Buyten, Dante, Alaba; Schweinsteiger, Martinez, Muller, Kroos, Ribery; Mario Mandzukic. Match facts Arsenal and Bayern Munich are also met 4 other times with par in the Champions League, where the Bavarians have won 2 times, Arsenal won 1 here, and the next meeting kaperfunduar draw. Their last meeting was in turnine 16th Champions League in 2005-2005 which Bayern won with the score 3-2 in total. Arsenal a win 6 times in the last 7 games at home to Championship Champions League against German teams, and the only loss came from Schalke this season in the group matches. Bayern Munich lost all matches held in England for the Champions League. Bavarians, won last game in England in April 2001 at Old Trafford in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. Bayern Munich have scored goals in each of the last 12 matches of the Champions League, and the only team whose front has not scored, is Basel, in February 2012. Arsenal had less shots from all the other teams in the group qualify for round knok-aut with only 47 rebounds. However this result is more efficient for them because they score a goal every 4.7 shots. Bayern Munich has seen only 17 shots in its port during the matches of the group, the smallest number of throws incurred than other teams. Bayern also has 17 rebounds targeted towards the gate, more than any other team in the group. Ndshjes forecast: an entertaining draw with 2-2 result will either Arsenal wins the match at home.

Piero Alva (Cesar Vallejo) shows he has no heart

In November we witnessed Luiz Adriano of Shakhtar score a goal which showed a distinct lack of sportsmanship. Piero Alva may have even gone one step further during Sunday's Peruvian league match between Cesar Vallejo and Union Comercio in which Alva's Cesar Vallejo won 3-1. 2-1 down, The Union keeper claimed the ball but was then struck by injury. Upon falling to the ground, he let the ball go, assuming the opposition wouldn't be sick enough to score into an open goal. How wrong he was. 34 year old striker Piero Alva came charging in to block the defender trying to put the ball out of play. Vallejo went on to win 3-1 thanks to the disgusting goal and the Union keeper, Juan Flores had something to say after the game. He said 'I thought about hitting him and retiring from football'.

Lucas Amazing Skill-Valencia vs PSG Champions League

The 19-year-old signed a contract for four and a half years to June 2017, the transfer fee is according to French media reports, estimated at around 40 million euros excluding bonuses. Lucas Rodriguez Moura Da Silva plays with Brazil on Saturday against Mexico for gold at the Olympic Games in London. PSG had taken prior to the beginning of the league season this weekend with the other Swedish star striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Lucas's compatriot Thiago Silva signed. With the transfer of the Paris Lucas have already spent more than 100 million euros for new signings.

Meet 15 years after ear bite

Two former world famous boxers Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield met after more than 15 years since the famous moment when Tyson bite Holyfield ear ring. Two famous American boxers are seen together in a promotion of a food product in America. At the first meeting they are tightly embraced forgotten the incident of 15 years ago. “I bite Evander, but I love it. It is an important part of my career “told Tyson after meeting. It was in 1997 when a major showdown in boxing, Mike Tyson had bitten Evander wear Holyfieldit.