Ronaldinho Skills Show Vs Fluminense

Ronaldinho still gave spectacle fanelën Athletico Mineiro Brazilian squad. In derby with leaders Fluminense team, Dinho showed a stunning performance, being the best player on the field. Dinho assisted on two goals in the match, and scored a fantastic goal from the free kick, but posed canceled. Of course, when playing Ronalidnho not missing as his dribble

Funny Ibrahimovic answer about the photo with Piqué

A couple of days ago, Barça's players Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Gerard Piqué were caught in a photo which apparently, according to the media, it leads to think that they are more than just friends... so they started making up rumors about them being gay and in this video, a TV reporter shows Ibra the photograph and here is what he has to say : ))

Messi when he was 10 years old was found

Today the world media have published a video of Messi when he was 10 years old. Barcelona star Messi had scored many goals from free throws for Argentina U17 representative. In this video it is clear that Messi in that time has been found.

ronaldo diet training

Idol once a person already in the super weight that does not move in! Was the man who wrote history in football, as in the Brazilian championship, as in the European championships, as well as in the world. Comes the great Ronaldo, quotes, which is running at the same time a number of different sports, in order to lose the excess pounds he has received. Even Ronaldo diets have no end. Thus, his attempts after njëshme to weaken and to save you forever kileve surplus obtained after "Farewell ..." his given football continues ...! Meanwhile, interest in the figure of Ronaldo, has been very great, quotes, even organized a special reality show, as he focuses on himself the attention of a large number teleshikuesish. Thus, at the end of the episode "phenomenon", which before thy reality show, weighed 118.4 kg, trying to weaken men a range of different sports, weightlifting, cycling, partial arts, boxing, and training exercises in the sand, and various exercises in the pool.

David Beckham autogram hour

Present in American Championship soccer match, a fan had the luxury to take a flannel gift from David Beckham, but also a warm hug at the same time LA Galaxy star. What fell out more photos of the day at the Stadium of California was the smile that gave the Englishman tifozes random, but also the approach to her chest. But, in fact, it was not the only one who did it many fans of different age groups after the Galaxy match with Real Salt Lake. 37-year-old stopped to talk with others, applauded or were given plenty of autographs.

Albanian fans going to stadium

A video circulating on youtube since 16.10.2012 where the above inscription, 'Zi burn the flag of FYROM'. According to the authors of the videos, Albanian fans after the match Albania - Slovenia have marched in the streets with the slogan, 'Albaniaethnic 'and then one has extracted from his pocket a Macedonian flag lit çakmak.Video is unclear, as it stands precisely where the incident of flag burning. But, according to Macedonian media, which have spread the video, the act is committed by a group of fans of the Albanian national team.

Ghost among fans!

Portuguese media are dealing with an interesting case that is happening when playing the Portuguese team Porto. When Porto played with the French team PSG nearby saw a fan who was called as ghost fan.
He fan who is extremely awesome physical appearance was also seen in another goal the star of the team, James Rodriguez.
Rodriguez celebrated his goal when it appeared again fan "ghost". Media suspected that he was editing, but after expertise turned out that he really existed. (see video below)

This also happens in football Kosovo (VIDEO)

Around football grounds in Kosovo çkas happens. Times out cows in the stadiums, the time being, once paper (side) stretching and just watch the game ... not to mention the numerous beatings often know to occur.
But there are also scenes where players become wrestlers, or even in their jumper envy swimming athletes ...
So it was with the captain of the team Drenica Sami Keci who Praj great joy after goal scored by his colleague knockout one of his mates ...