So stop Barcelona from Malaga

Malaga is the team that has stopped a long series of victories of Barcelona. In the first game of the Cup of Spain, Barcelona stopping at 2 to 2. An error Alcantarës use Iturra Malaga first goal. Lionel Messi in a soloaksion punch equalizer five minutes later. Puyol a minute later for 2 1 punch a beautiful goal with his head. Malaga was a bit player when Monreale was expelled from the match after a starti to Pedro. Draw 2 with 2 Camacho punch in the last minute of the match.

Lionel Messi shoot Kameni funny stop

Malaga passes advantage of a mistake Thiagos the protection and Iturras equals results. After only 5 minutes is the king of football scores a wonderful goal from half field. I invite you to follow this goal.

Asisten of Guardiola is Raul

A few hours after instituting Pep Guardiola at Bayern Munich, the next dilemma remains as to who will be his assistant German team. According to German media, Real Madrid legend Raul Gonzales is the favorite of Guardiola to have an assistant in the squad. Legendary Spanish is still active footballer playing squad Al Sadd. Despite the fact that they were lords opponents Spanish football teams Real Madrid rival Barcelona, Guardiola Raul have very good personal relations.

Mourinho left out bus, CR7 and Kaka

An interesting moment was captured by Spanish cameras when Real Madrid are heading to autbus entitlements stadium "Santiago Bernabeu" Athletico Madrid derby. Some of the Real players were late for departure, coming in the last moments busy autbousin. Ronaldo, Pepe, COENTRAO, Arbeloa and Kaka were players who were delayed. They tried to enter the bus but by the rush of the delay, had forgotten to take some things from their veutra. Seeing this situation, Jose Mourinho broke and ordered the bus driver to leave. These players were off the bus, and had to run with a car. Remove seemed not upset Ronaldo and Kaka for this decision since they started dancing to the rhythm of the hit "Gangnam Style".

Pep Guardiola has signed a contract until 2016

Friday Guardiola will be officially presented as coach of Bayern Munich, who will assume the post next summer. But at 17.15 provided a press conference with Bayern officials.

'Wizard' Iniesta (VIDEO)


Ribery Vs. Toni - Full Extended Version

Absolutely hilarious. Luca Toni and Franck Ribery go for the ultimate technique and skills duel at the Allianz Arena.

Norwegian footballer terrible injury

Norwegian futsallit star, Daniel Stemsland has undergone a rare but terrible injury. New Norwegian in a championship match in futsall was stunned for a moment when he fell in flooring. After his crash he saw standing wooden pieces inserted into his leg. The injury was so severe that pieces of wood had passed on both sides of the ankle. Footballer is said to have lost consciousness from great pain and was introduced into operation. The injury reportedly could affect his career as it is unlikely that he can not return to the football.

Sergio Busquets Amazing Skills Vs. Malaga

Even illiterate football know that Barcelona is composed of players with good technical skills, but also players who appear in defensive tasks know how to make amazing action. Barcelona began the year 2013 as it ended 2012, with a victory. Third victory from as many duels came against Malaga 3-1 on Sunday. Viewers except goals could be satisfied with a first action rarely midfielder Sergio Busquets. 55th minute he found himself surrounded by three opposing players and made a move which avoided them and went ahead with the ball. Some years ago with such passages excelled legend Zinedine Zidane.

The new trend hairstyle 2013

I have this look yet - looks to me that way and I think he's still super ........ trend trend ago, everyone should be able to do it like that - eh