Ronaldo turn Casillas in Trainings

Ronaldo turn Casillas in Trainings scandal that a few days ago he put his hands where they should not, the latter turn in Trainings shoot

That's why laughed Messi with Ronaldo

Although at first glance it seems that the rivalry between LionelMessit and Cristiano Ronaldo is only on the playing field, the video above shows that the rivalry is even outside of football. Cristiano Ronaldo, captain of Portugal should vote for the "Golden Ball", but he did such a thing. "I had a slight collision with Real workout. Then it was over and voted no. Understand? Yes "explained CR7.Në fact, the Portuguese star could have voted by mail or e-mail. Even with a long telefonatë, explaining the reason of not voting Lionel Messi burst of laughter.

Sergio Ramos Awful tackle (Red Card)

Sergio Ramos in all probability will be sentenced to 5 match suspension by the disciplinary commission in Spanish football. His sentence is expected to be available after allegations of judge Ayza Gamez who said that after excluding Ramosin the match, Real Madrid defender has directed various insults in his direction. "You are a scoundrel. Are you always so fucking" has repeatedly Ramos Gamez judge. Insults to judges in La Liga sentenced to 5 games, so Ramos is expected to miss Real's match against Osasuna, Valencia and Getafe and two Cup quarterfinals against Valencia.

Who knows what happens?

Who knows what happens? Betting any of you kennts

Fans Hitt by Messi's bodyguards FIFA Ballon d'Or

On the eve of cost sharing "Ballon d'Or" in Zurich, player insurance members mriz in the world, Leo Messi so have maintained Argentine that in a moment as he entered the room brutally driven a motherher little daughter which later fell to the ground. To the extent collected Messi insurance definitely has not differentiated among men, while only intention had been that no one alive to touch the winner of the "Golden Ball". A woman with her ​​little daughter tried to get autographs from the Argentine, while ensuring reacted rudely, causing clutter. What is even more serious, Messi has seen what happened and instead stop to offer help mother with her daughter, or at least to show remorse, he continued to walk afraid that if someone touches and can 'melt'!

Ronaldo vs Celta Vigo fantastic goal

Xherdan Shaqiri at Katar

Shaqiri with Albanian fans in photo.

Pep Guardiola refuses to shake hands with Cristiano Ronaldo

Continue to emerge during ceremonijes new video of the Ballon d'Or. Although several months have passed Guardiola left Barcelona, the Spanish coach continues to consider sworn opponent players Real Mardidit. This happened at the beginning of ceremonijes Ballon d'when Ronaldo i'u near Pep Guardiola to give hand but Pep Guardiola Ronaldo just look around and go on the road.

Angry Mourinho vs Celta de Vigo

Despite high 4:0 victory against Celta Vigos in the King's Cup and three goals Cristiano Ronaldo, his compatriots, Jose Mourinho in certain moments was so frustrated that he has hit the ball in terms of its technical staff andblasphemed all close to him. This is the "Special One".