Milani i'a highlight Alvesit hair

Barcelona defender Daniel Alves had promised before the match with Milan that if you qualify Barcelona in the next round in the Champions League, it will be his blond hair. This happens, Daniel Alves the victory and qualification Milan has changed his hair color becoming an artificial blond.

Martinez as Nani, but su excluded

An intervention similar to that of Nani in the match against Real Madrid, it was Bayern Munich match Arsenal. Javi Martinez set up by Arsenal Rosicky hit leg. Following this case react former Manchester United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel, raising doubts whether Martinez should have been excluded as Nani interference which considered even more dangerous.

Jordi Alba goal 4-0 vs milan

Barcelona defender Jordi Alba is undoubtedly one of the fastest players in European football. Spanish defender tell you that in the game against Milan when punch fourth goal of the match. Alba like a bird running 81 meters to just 10 seconds to score the fourth goal. For this run, it shows as this condition is sprint it came in the last seconds of the match.

Galatasaray players mobbed by fans at airport after Schalke win

Galatasaray fans have done a magnificent Cut their squad after the great success achieved in Germany where they came training in dealing with Schalken. Turkish fans waited Galatasaray players with the highest honors in Istanbul. A few hours earlier they had come to the airport and on the way to be expecting their heroes, as darkness fell on great holiday.

Tuna and her mother

Xtra Factor is part of the "X Factor", a weekly show that brings to the screen a different perspective, the biggest critics opinion; him to fans of this program. Presenters 'Xtra Factor' keep their ear to the door of the studio, they remain behind the camera ready to take exclusive opinions nights spekakltit 'live' "X Factor". Xtra Factor is more of a show fans. Can not be considered an official voice of "X Factor", but a bridge between the audience and television. To keep this 'informal' give presenters classification by any regular fansi "X Factor". Unlike any other viewer they will have access to behind the stage, in the studio and with competitors in order to bring exclusive moments screen. There will be a lack of seriousness, but it feels real public opinion combined with presenters official voice.

Champions League draw

Champions League quarter-final draw LIVE! Follow all the build-up, live updates and reaction to today's draw for the Champions League and Europa League last eight in Nyon. Get involved by sending us your thoughts via Twitter or Facebook! What an intriguing draw: another Clasico has been avoided (for now, at least) while Germany's top two have also missed each other. Tie of the round? What do you So, the Champions League quarter-finals line up as follows: Malaga v Borussia Dortmund Real Madrid v Galatasaray Paris Saint-Germain v Barcelona Bayern Munich v Juventus

Would going back to the lot during repeated testing in reality!

Juventus - Barcelona, Paris SG - Galatasaray, Real Madrid - Dortmund and Bayern - Malaga. These are derived from testing couples made ​​in Nyon, Switzerland, just 24 hours before the start of official lottery draw for the Champions League quarterfinal. You remember that couples 1/8 final, came out real well a few days later, after the first test, which was a very rare case or 1/1000 cases could occur. Look on Friday morning from 12.00, whether repeated these couples or not, but we have witnessed two big matches, Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid - Dortmund.