Terrible blow to the head from Fellaini (VIDEO)

4 records they have left Messi!

1.Top scorer in the history of Barcelona. So far Messi ranks third with 305 goals, while the first is Ankantara with only 64 more goals.

2. Scorer with Argentina National Team. "Flea" is a quote of 31 goals, while the first kept by Gabriel Baitstuta, who has found the net 56 times with team representatives.

3.Top scorer in the Spanish league. Record held by Telmo Zarra with 251 goals. 25-year-old Messi is 191 quota.

4. Top scorer in the Champions. Messi has scored 56 times, while the first place is held by Raul Gonzalez with 71 goals.

Ratio in La Liga without Messi, CR7 and Falcao!

29597_544818288880191_1731157999_nIf Messi, CR7 and Falcao will not play in the Spanish Championship, the ranking of the teams will change somewhat. Here's who topped the league at the moment!

30 min can not remove the dog from the stadium (VIDEO)

Lorik Cana beats a player in the middle of the field (VIDEO)