Err judges benefit Juventus, Everton and Man Utd

It is well known, sometimes in football matches wins the best because they are numerous errors of judges to determine the final outcome of the match. Teams today are fortunate enough to be punished by the judges were Liverpool match with Everton, Chelsea faced United and worse suffered Catania Juventus faced where local skuadërs you canceled a regular politësisht touchdown and was punished with a goal from a position outside the game that scored Arturo Vidal. We'll bring you some photos that you own to comment.
In derby between Chelsea and Man Utd, Manchester guests their third goal and that proved to be marked by victory position jashtëloje but su observed by judge ansor. Liverpool derby which ended 2-2 equal, in minute 94 'Suarez scored a goal completely regular, but the judge canceled by irregular cilsuar that was a big mistake.
The squad suffered worse was Catania which in the match Juventus you anula a goal of regular and irregular defeats with a goal which he scored Vidal.

Manuel Neuer AS A MIDFIELDER vs Bayer leverkusen

No why be bored champion, you tell the world today that not only had goalkeeper football history that can dribloj and to make asist for attackers.! We are all proud to have in the team, and thank God and the opportunity to live and enjoy your spells in the field!

Hannover 96 vs. Borussia Mönchengladbach 2:3 fantastic game

This is a fantastic league Bundesliga in Europe, 9 minutes 3 ​​goals! For 9 minutes Monchengladbach scores 3 goals and restores the match, the first part ended 0-0! 49 '[1 - 0] J. Schlaudraff 53 '[2 - 0] M.B. Diouf 70 '[2 - 1] A. Dominguez 77 '[2-2] R. Brouwers 79 '[2 - 3] J.F. Arango After two big wins in a row with Marseille 2-0 and 2-3 with Hannover hope that Monchengladbach will be back!

Milan wins with offside goals

Italian media immediately after the game analyzed goal scored by Stephan El Shaarawy in the match against Genoa and has proven that he goal was marked out of the game position. Now expected to be analyzed by the Italian federation goal. Goal scored by El Shaarawy 77 minutes'.

German soccer referees

During a match category B in German footballer Peter Niemeyer after ferundimit of an action approaching the referee (female) Bibiana Steinhaus, and inadvertently touches breasts. This small accident happened after the player wanted to touch albitren in the shoulder but he inadvertentlyhit in the breast, arbitrators passed this incident only with a laugh.

Anzi Goalkeeper Trolled by Daniel Agger

Never such a goal does not need to be canceled, these goals are few and among the most beautiful that gives futbolli.Por under these judges are goals paregullt and so are not considered, we hope that this rule be waived and called.

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