Iker Casillas training.

6 consecutive reception looked good Real Madrid fans. Real Madrid captain Iker Casillas has been out of green areas by the end of January after a hand injury, but now appears to be back on form. Number one Spanish national team has posted a video on his facebook page which hosts 6 consecutive strokes towards the gate.

Samsung Galaxy S 4: Even more pictures & info

The Samsung Galaxy S 4 is tonight officially unveiled. Not a day passed without new rumors on Galaxy S 4. Well many high resolution images and all details on the S4 features have emerged. On the Chinese website total of 19 images of the Samsung Galaxy S 4 have surfaced. Clearly visible here is that the design is very closely modeled on that of the Galaxy S3. Samsung relies on a two-tone polycarbonate housing. In earlier emerged teaser images but no speaker could be seen. It could however have done this to a mockup, a regional version or a prototype. All surfaced pictures look very authentic and in our photo gallery can be put under the microscope. But not enough. Comprehensive features were known thanks to the images as well. So again talk of a 4.99-inch display with full HD resolution (1,920 x 1,080 pixels). As the Exynos 5410 processor will come with two quad-cores and 1.8 GHz clock is used. The RAM should be 2 GB. Particularly impressive is the built-in graphics chip PowerVR SGX 544MP3 is clocked at 533 MHz. That seems to be the successor of the GPU built into the PS Vita graphics unit. The internal memory will be 16 GB and have a battery capacity of 2,600 mAh. As weight is called the source of 138 grams, the S4 will therefore be about 5 grams heavier than its predecessor. With a thickness of 7.7 millimeters, the Galaxy S4 seems to be no padding. Length and width are 140.1 x 71.8 millimeters. Even the eye-tracking feature for Auto-scrolling and the compatibility with Samsung S-Pen stylus operation is mentioned. Last but not least: The operating system is Android 4.2.1 coming allegedly used. Just recently Samsung Mobile U.S. has released the official Twitter account a first teaser image of the highly anticipated Galaxy S 4. The picture came with the announcement that the countdown has begun for "TheNextBigThing". The picture shows a Galaxy phone is seen that practically up to the nonexistent speaker bar non S3 differs from its predecessor. Also lead the Koreans their Unpacked story continues with a second teaser video.

Spanish "joke" bus to Milan

He cited as an impossible mission Milan team qualification for the next stage of the Champions League and it was, Allegri technician boys have failed to score in the Camp Nou, losing to a deep result against the Spanish team. Spanish ironic Allegri tactical setting. Through the social network Twitter they have distributed karrikatura ironic. "Here is the scheme which will play the Rossoneri at the Camp Nou", wrote them before the start of the game before the setting of the players on the field.

Spanish girl cries because of the quit of Llorente from Athletic to Juventus

All those who are emotionally sensitive may be affected by this video funny, but interesting. A little girl Spanish not stop crying tears after hearing that soccer Athletico Bilbao, Fernando Llorente will go to Juventus. The girl called Nadia express with tears of despair that Llorente has decided to pass on Juventus. Nadia cries even though he left only Juventus gave more money. "My Llorente has gone. He was the love of me. Why did he leave only other team has given me a lot of money "were the words of Nadias followed by tears for a moment the" soul kputnin ".

Tiziano Crudeli reaction on Niang's miss vs. Barcelona

Tiziano Crudelli 2 weeks ago was one of the happiest fans when Milan beat Barcelona score 2 to 0. 2 weeks later, Italian-known commentator known as avid fan of Milan could not believe huqjen a handy case by Mbaye Niang. In the following video you can see Crudellit disappointment in the case that could decide the game.