Supertalenti Arab distract Arsenal Barcelona

One of the best Asian players currently supertalenti of the United Arab Emirates, Abdulrahim Omar is expected to challenge in the race for his services Arsenal Barcelona. Supertalenti 21 year-old amazes everyone with his skills fallen out of many teams. Arsenal Barcelona are the two teams in the summer are expected to make lucrative offers for the player after Al Ain team posed confirmed their interest. Arab Supertalenti known for exceptional technique, his dribble and fantastic goals. Manchester City was the first team to try Abdurahim transfer but high salary of the player was the only problem. Abdulrahim is currently paid players in Asia.

Talent that is considered "CR7" Next

Andreas Pereira is a 17-year-old Belgian gifted Manchester United. British player has impressed scouts brought in "Old Trafford" by Dutch team PSV. 17-year-old is said to have a right as Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham. best Pereira confirmed supergol to Norway.

Ibrahimovic, the big nose

Olympique Marseille midfielder Joey Barton is recognized as problematic and provocative footballer. This epithet he confirmed last night in the duel against Paris St-Germain in the framework of the French Cup where his team was defeated 2-0. Its targeted was realizatori of two goals, Parisian giant's main striker, Zlatan Ibrahimovic. After losing a duel air with Swedish star, Barton was comforted by the fact that the judge granted impermissible interference Ibrahimovic attack. But here an argument broke out between them and Barton decided in response to 'remind' Ibrahimovic has big nose.

Beckham found with Ayew: warp Hair

David Beckham has only one rule in life and one alone: do not touch my hair! Whoever pays touches. England midfielder newly transferred to PSG has been a complete idiot clash with Jordan Ayew in the French Cup match against Marseille. The collision did not come to any serious intervention, but only because Beckham was broken locks.