Lorik Cana in duel

Lorik Cana is caught by a player in the middle of the game where Lorik powerful strikes with his fist as the following video shows.This shows that it is a very combative player and powerful, is the backbone of defense than any team.

Borussia Dortmund showcase The Footbonaut

Borussia Dortmund at the game tonight impressed with their game, without the threat of a big club like Real Madrid tonight, but it is not mere coincidence that as these guys managed to make great Real face. Below we bring a video which you can see how Dortmund players exercised in a very modern gym and all electronics where every player should refer Tiu electronic instructions.

Referee Shows Whos Boss

Real Madrid Vs Dortmund 2-2 All Goals And Highlights

Borusia Dortmund managed to get 1 point in the trip to Real Madrid. German champions tied 2 to 2 with the Spanish champions. Reus went ahead in the 28th minute guests. Pepe with a goal header equals to 1 to 1 to 34 minutes. Gotze had 45 minutes for Dortmund. Real reconciliation was achieved only in 89 minutes when Mesut Ozil with a beautiful goal from the free kick tied at 2 to 2.

Borussia Dortmund vs Real Madrid 1 - 0 Amazing Goal Marco Reus

Just ran one half The ball is rolling, Weidenfeller has equal times risking life and limb against the onrushing Ronaldo. In the 28th Minute pulls from Marco Reus and hammered the ball past Iker Casillas into the net past. 1-0 for Dortmund. But the joy did not last long: Pepe equalized with a header in the 34th Minute: 1:1. Just before half time, bringing Mario Götze the German champions again in the lead. 2-1 to Borussia - a great game! Halftime .... Live Scores for the Champions League: Mario Götze true to 2:1 for Dortmund - read

Sampdoria vs Atalanta (1-2) Maresca Bicycle Kick Goal

A fantastic acrobatic goal mark in Serie A. Italian star Enzo Maresca has scored beautiful goal against Atalantës match Sampdoria lost a score of 2 to 1. This goal is obviously the beauty this week in Italian football. Maresca marked with scissors from a difficult position for touchdown.


Real Madrid legend, former striker Raul Gonzalez has scored another goal for the team from Qatar, Al Saad. Raul has scored a goal from a position that is not very famous for goals. In the match against teammate Al Ryan, Raul had neatly from the free kick. This is the goal of 6 to Raul, after eight matches prior to Al Saad.