Snow fell the height of the "Amsterdam Arena"

Ajax stadium, "Amsterdam Arena" was built in 1996 and is one of the first stadiums is completely covered. But this weekend, during the match between Ajax and Fejenordit, a part of the stadium roof collapsed due to heavy weight caused by snow. A large quantity of snow fell in Amsterdam, and this was why the roof collapsed "Amsterdam Arena", the late derby match between the two rival teams. This situation created panic among the players, especially among the public, but the game still has not been interrupted and completed as planned.

A Napoli fan had made ​​themselves as disabled to enter chat Stadium .

Mourinho Celebration vs Valencia

Mourinho after the last goal last night against Valencia made ​​a very interesting gesture disponoi even more fans.

Pazzini scores a super goal (VIDEO)

Wesley Sneijder thought it was safe to greet his Gala fans

When in Turkey transferred a star, then the Turkish fans are the most famous ancestors who know how to make the reception. Such welcomes i'u became the Dutch star Wesley Sneijder. Former Inter Milan player has reached today in Turkey where Galatasaray fans greeted as a hero, yet without being so. As many policoe forces failed to prevent Turkish fans closer to their new star. Istanbul Airport broke its landing, and his car has been followed will go, with multiple calls.

The gangster genre is back

The gangster genre is back - in very large scale - a must!

Look how player punch judges (VIDEO)