Paul Pogba AMAZING Goal (VIDEO)

The "old lady" gave a convincing performance and thoroughly deserved win. The headlines include midfielder Paul Pogba and Double Data found.

Barça kneel before the Sociedad

Real Sociedadi caused sensation in week 20 of the Primera Division by defeating Barcelona 3:2. Barcelona started very well after that meeting for 25 minutes Messi (min 7) and used (host min 25) scored twice, but the return of the natives came after 41 minutes when Castro arrived from narrowed the lead to 2:1. Barçën second part started badly, as the 56th minute Pique was penalized with a second yellow card and 63 minutes Castro back defeats Valdesin to level the score at 2:2. In the last minute of regular time, Agirretxe scored the final score 3:2.

Bayern Munich 2-0 Greuther Furth

Bayern Munich has launched spring and final season with the victory. Bavarians in week 18 of the Bundesliga have defeat Greuther Furthin 2:0 with two goals scored by Croatian striker Mario Manxhukiq. Croat scored in minute 26 and 61. For locals in the meeting by 69 minutes was presented Kosovar midfielder Xherdan Shaqiri, and guests from Furthi for 25 minutes another striker played Kosovo, Ilir Azemi. Exile Mavraj was not in composition for Furthin. With this victory, Bayern safe holds the first position with 45 points, nine more than Leverskuseni, and Greuther Furth remains in the last position with only nine points. Match between Hoffenheimit and Borussia Moenchengladbachut, which ended without winning goals, Granite Jaca was not included at all.

Dogs hooligans: Two retrievers end match

Friendly match between Galatasaray and Allen in the 53rd minute was interrupted by two golden retrievers. They ran on the ground and began to play their game called "who will not stroked first". In the end, security had to bring out a real hooligans. Do not worry, no one was hurt in this situation.

Cristiano Ronaldo - New Nike Vapor Trail

Real Madrid footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has promoted new shoes Nike Mercurial Vapor IX. Mercurial Vapor IX are designed in order to provide confidence in the players running and accurate passing opportunities. New shoes have a special part to control the ball which is located in the upper part of the shoe. Look fantastic presentation Mercurial Vapor IX where the protagonist is one of the best players in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Barcelona vs Malaga - Puyol Goal

Puyol goes all the defenders and scores a fantastic goal in the victory of Barcelona against Malaga.Goli looks like were playing Pool.


A victory against the last place team, but a win from those that apply to show their children and grandchildren. Sydney FC won the game 7-1 in the seventeenth day of the Australian Championships, against Wellington Phoenix FC. The protagonist of the game was Alessandro Del Piero, who scored four goals. Players Farinës, are now back in the race for a place in the playoffs.

The formation of the future, the dreams of every club

Ideal formation of the future may be this that consists of many young players, players who after reaching maturity levels can be world stars. These are the 11 stars of the future, how do you?

Guardiola: Xavi can come

Sure news is that together with Pep Guardiolen it will come another Spanish from his old guard. According to our information more inland from the team, the player might be veteran Xavi Hernandes. When will formally do not know. It may happen now or at the end of the season.

Amazing Audi introduces light technology to change the direction

Audi reveals lights "swarm" that turn the back of the car on a screen that changes the direction of the vehicle. Audi has already discovered teknologjimë of light machine which can make the rear of the car show shiny models for other drivers. This type of light "swarm" is composed of thousands of small red lights that cover the entire width and affect the movement of the machine. Screens are used to indicate to other drivers what the driver is doing. When the driver turns the wheel to the left or to the right of red lights moving in the direction the steering wheel is turned. When the vehicle speed increases even faster grow lights and flow across the surface. And when the driver curbs, then the points or slow lights and flowing forward in portobagazh.