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Ronaldo crawling to Casillas

The match between Real Madrid and Real Sociedadit was special in many ways. Stubborn tactics of Jose Mourinho fell into the water. His appointee at the gate, Antonio Adan almost was not tragjiku of the match, after the fifth minute was punished with a red card after the intervention of the box. This made Mourinho "loved s'deshi" to restore the gate captain Iker Casillas, who was greeted with ovacione and cheers from the fans of Real Madrid. After entering the gate, Cristano Ronaldo tried to give him the captain's shirin but Casillas denied it. The match ended with the victory hard to Real 4:3.

C.Ronaldo Amazing Freekick Goal (Real Madrid 4 - 2 Real Sociedad)

Antonio Adan Red Card Real madrid VS Real Sociedad

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho has decided that in the second game in a row to leave reserve captain, Iker Casillas. Gate "Kingdom" against Real Socidedadit will save Antonio Adan. But kt country quickly turned as 'boomerang' Portuguese coach because his 'vecauari' was punished with a red card after only five minutes of the game. Adan prevented an opposing player, and the judge ruled it and awarded a penalty guests, who evened the score at 1:1. (Benzema scored for Real 2 minutes). Return to the gate of Casillas was received with by public ovacione 'Santiago Bernabeu'. Madrid captain failed to stop hitting Xavi Prietas, so guests tied at 1:1 figures. Currently taking place 20 minutes and the result is still equal.

Is back he is back Besart two other goals

Attackers Prishtina, Besart continues its splendor in 2013. His team, Brisbane Roar suffered losses Melbourne Hart with 3:2 score, but 27-year-old had two goals for the team FYR. According to Australian media, Roar suffered a controversial decision loss arbitrators have not signaled a position out of the game for the locals who scored a goal from that case and it was crucial for them to earn three points. Berisha played throughout the match, he scored first goal from the penalty spot on 74 minutes, and recorded the second just two minutes later.

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Thursday beaten laugh today

The seriousness of Roberto Mancini and Mario Balotelli was not present, although two days ago they became the subject of media after a physical confrontation drills City, notify indeksonline. FA Cup game against Watford, Mancini inkuardoj Balotelli in the game in the 70th minute of the match. While the audience watched with interest the response of the two protagonists, they were laughing mood before done replacement. However buzqeshja Mancini could be "teeth" as fast Balotelli is expected to leave the City.

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Casillas and Ramos hold meetings with players

Real Madrid captain Iker Casillas and his deputy, Sergoi Ramos without the knowledge of coach Jose Mourinho locked the players in the dressing room and held meetings. Spanish media sources have called gesture as an uprising against Mourinho, while others say that the meeting was requested more motivation next season. According to sports daily "Marca", the captain and his deputy wanted to calm tempers in the squad before the start of the season and dueling against Sociedadit, but this meeting was not announced Mourinho. Casillas and Ramos had made ​​several calls to engage more players and do not consider their own interests in relation to those of the club. Before duel tomorrow, also remains secret who will be at the gate, Casillas or Antonio Adan.