Lorik Cana with friends at home

Last minutes were dramatic challenge. Albania was twice near the goal, but the Albanian striker proved incorrect. Also, at the end of our defense showed stoic, blocking locals from equalizing goal. As a result at the last minute was excluded from the game Andi Lila. The result of the match at the end did not change and after this victory Albania has nine points in second place in the table in Group E, one point less than Switzerland in the first place and level on points with Iceland. 2014 World Cup is not just a dream, it can become a reality ...

Hamdi Salihi Super Goal Albania vs Norway

Our national representative managed to achieve significant victory with the score of 1-0 in Oslo against Norway, for continuing to keep alive the dream of Albanians to participate in the World Cup, Brazil 2014.

Croatia vs Serbia atmosphere...

From yesterday (Thursday) Zagreb streets are blocked. Serbian expedition arrival in Zagreb to play year meeting with Croatia has made the Croatian capital overflows police, due to the high voltage match today, Croatia and Serbia. The meeting will start at 18:00 and played in stadium 'Maksimir' Zagreb. This match, because of the past of the two countries, has to draw the attention of the entire Balkans, and Kosovo. Kosovan fans are anxiously awaiting this meeting, and their bias already known. Croatia is their ally, and this proved the last European Championship Croatian fans, flags and scarves bearing the inscription Kosovo. Even a picture of Croatian fans, posed with the ball "Accept Kosovo in UEFA" (Accept Kosovo UEFA), had made ​​great fuss in the media world.