Sneider with the new team!

Inter Milan Dutch midfielder Wesley Sneijder has reportedly reached an agreement with Tottenham squad. Italian sports journalist Tancredi Palmer has formalized this news in which Sneijder has reached agreement with Tottenham squad. £ 12m Tottenham reportedly will pay Inter Inter star. Reportedly selling Sturridge to Liverpool, Tottenham made ​​me think seriously about buying Sneijder after Chelsea midfielder church in the foreground.

Joe Allen, The Welsh Xavi

A radio katalonase has published the news that Barcelona is supposed to find a successor to Xavi in the team. Despite the fact that the continued contract "waiter" Spanish, Barca is supposed to bring a decent midfielder who resemble the team's game. Allen in England are named as British Xavi as he passes brilliant form this season being an irreplaceable player to Liverpool. According to this source, Barcelona has sent 3 times this season some team agents on the island to look closely at new midfielder Welshman. Allen is 22 years old and the last edition was one of the players with more passes in the Premier League, which he is doing well this season with Liverpool. Barcelona can validate Liverpool with an offer of 16 million euros for Allen, and can only make the game even sharing David Villa or ISAC Cuencas.

Real Madrid set the price for CR7

kontrataAccording to "The Sun", leaders Real Madrid have set the price for the Portuguese: 122 million pounds, or about 200 million euros to anyone who requires the services of the Portuguese star.

Trainers do not have easy

Has coached in every area of the sport everywhere, but it seems that their work gladly perform them women, although not easy!

Look at Messi when he was 12 years

Social network YouTube is a video of the world's best player, Lionel Messi when he was 12 years and his team has participated in school competitions. Messi at the time showed that it is super-talent who only a year after they saw Barcelona scouts. He in 1999 with the school team took part in the nationwide tour of opponents' nets wobble.

Casillas speaking, after much controversy

Iker Casillas has spoken for the first time for leaving his reserve bank in yesterday's match against Malaga. Real Madrid goalkeeper said leaving reserve bank is not the end of the world, but that it surprise him. "The coach did not say anything to my form before the match. We normally stërviteshim and I knew before the match that she is going to be in reserve bank. It is not the end of the world that I am a reservist but the most interesting was to understand why. However I will continue training to convince the coach and those who do not believe in me. I will be back in possession, "said Casillas.