AC Milan fan, here's how the mocking Juventus

The title celebration for Juventus made ​​one fan to mock Milan in an interesting way with Italian samples. Milan had built fan of Juventus ideal lineup, but this time not with his players' names, but the names of Italian referees, who according to him have supported and helped Juventus to the title.

Franck Ribery when he was small

''Franc Ribery,,ne nje aksident trafiku i vdiqen prinderit dhe vellai i tij, ndersa ky mori lendime te renda ne fyryre, kur e pyeten perse nuk operohesh. Ai tha: Ka qene caktimi i Allahut, ndersa shenjat ne fytyren time me perkujtojne per fuqine e Allahut.

SG Dynamo Dresden - SC Paderborn 07

That Alban Meha is a specialist shocks free eurogoli shows that the Albanian national team midfielder has managed to punch in the game that his team lost 2-1 to Dynamo Dresden. Meha goal in the video you can see to 6 minutes. '

This is what makes Balotelli in training

Mario Balotelli continues to be the center of attention in the Italian media with his gestures. This time the Italian striker has chosen to exercise the team made ​​a funny gesture. Balotelli tried to play football with golf ball with the head of a worker in the stadium which was working with the machine for cutting grass.