Giovane Elber Spartak Moscow Vs Bayern München

Thomas Mueller about his magic door to 2:0: "Giovane Elber has once made a more difficult goal, it just felt good because it was an important port durchschnaufen Then we could..." beyond the end of the black Bayern Series in Hamburg: "Finally, the team has won in Hamburg that was in the last years a dangerous place for us.". on the title race: "Anyone who has hoped in the league on a slip of us has had bad luck is why we now have a lovely evening and the rest of the non-runners.."

On this we are not used by Messi: Ronaldo would immediately condemned

Leo Messi played in the victory against Celta Vigo (3:1) at the Camp Nou, but not enrolled in shooters. He played just one day after the world got its successor, mali Thiago. Messi is anxious to score and celebrate a touchdown and the birth of a son, but failed. He was even and visibly nervous. In one duel prevented its penetration, and the 'culprit' Jonathan Vilma smacked his hand from behind. It was not a savage blow, the reflection we can not in this breakthrough, but we are sure to be many picking on Cristiano Ronaldo in a similar case. Players Celte quickly calmed the situation, because they know that Messi is not otherwise incidentan type. It looked as if everyone was a bit annoying that Messi lost his temper.

Casillas:Will never vote for him

Real Madrid captain Iker Casillas has thumbuar sensationally his bashklojtarin, Cristiano Ronaldo, saying he would never vote for him in the competition to win the Golden Ball. Was Ronaldo who captured media headlines with his statement that he would vote for themselves if they would be able, and that if you do not love yourself, nobody will love. However, it seems that has not liked at Real Madrid captain, who has reacted sharply. "To be honest, I would not have been able to vote EPR itself. I prefer my work gratitude that comes from outside and not from myself, "said Casillas to France Football. He further added that he did not understand why goalkeepers underestimated with other players, and has revealed his vote. According to him the Golden Ball deserves Sergio Ramos, who had completed season in eight years of his career in football.

Lionel Messi Knee Injury

Star Lionel Messi was hiding something in his knee, I know Spanish portals. Cameras were focused on the match between Barcelona and Celta Vigo Focus often knee Lionel Messi, becoming curious about what was hidden Leo tij.Gjithqka knee was discovered after a while Messi had hidden in his knee to a nipple protectors. Messi wanted to score a goal to celebrate the goal with the dummy who were with him, at the feast of the birth of his son, Thiago Messi.

Cesc Fabregas, stole my wife

A millionaire businessman shows last night as he and his wife were trying for a third child - when I realized it was filtered with soccer star Cesc Fabregas.Manjati Elie Taktouk has revealed that his wife was aboutformer Arsenal captain, he saw pictures gazeta.Elie, said: "I was completely drunk and in shock for months tërë.Kur saw those pictures I felt disgusted by her behavior, we were tryingfor a child when it happened, said Elie.Unë'm not surprised by it. I'm not interested in të.Ai is 25 years old and a fool. She went after him, and she would leave him as soon as he loved his money and famen.Ne June of last year I have seen pictures of Danielles in binkini on a yacht along with Cesc Fabregas, Elie added.

See what makes Messi with Bal (Video

Materazzi poses in front of the statue of Zidane incident

arco Materazzi has used Twitter to show "hilarious" by hitting the famous Zinedine Zidane head towards him. Famous moment between the two players during the 2006 World Cup final is celebrated in a special way earlier this season by a bronze statue was unveiled in Paris Pimpidou center in September. However, it seemed ridiculous sculpture Materazzi, posing in front of her and posted it on his Twitter profile. He was initially posted only part of the picture that displayed the foot of the statue along with the words "Shoot where I am?", Before then show all files statue....