Confirmed: Mourinho leaves Real

Jose Mourinho will leave Real Madrid to finish this season, has confirmed the Royal Club president Florentino Perez. It certainly will replace current coach of PSG, Carlo Ancelotti, while Portugal will return to Chelsea. Perez has confirmed the departure of Jose Mourinho to Real Madrid and according to him is an agreement between two parties. "Our decision is final. Real Madrid has reached a bilateral agreement with Jose Mourinho. Mourinho will be the coach of Real Madrid in the next edition. His departure will occur at the end of this edition "said Perez

I prepared a celebratory bus, but returned unused in the garage

Real Madrid were deeply convinced that it will win the Royal Cup, and had prepared beforehand open club bus had to drive players through the city streets during the celebration. Optimism in the ranks of Real Madrid before his final Santiago Bernabeu against city rivals Atletico was understandable. Atletico last mastered the rivals in 1999. Since then I was in the sign of the Real, who celebrated the last ten dvoboi.

An crazy goal in Norway

A throw-certainly quite interesting, with a salad, served more yesterday, the Norwegian championship match between teams of Sandnes Ulf Lillestrom. On the score 0-2, Sandnes Ulf team scored a spectacular goal after a combination.: Acrobatic throw-in by Icelandic midfielder Steinth├│r THORSTEINSSON Freyr, precise ball in center Marius Helle, who beat the opposing goalkeeper’s head. A rare goal, which would certainly fun when you see dropped.

Ronaldinho Goal and Celebration Cruzeiro 2-1 Atletico Mineiro

Brazilian star Ronaldinho has scored a goal in the final of the Paulistas in Brazil Mineiros Atl├ętico squad. Dinho pull a goal on a penalty securing the title for his team in the second game. Interesting was the way of celebrating the goal by Ronaldinho. He led an interesting dancing, dancing whom have never seen him.

The message of Albanians from Kosovo to MADRILENA

Even in Kosovo have reached the first reactions to be transparent and published some fans of Real Madrid in the final of the "Copa del Rey" in "Santiago Bernabeu" reading "Kosovo is Serbia". Group of fans "Strength" by Vushtrria, during the break between the two parts in today's match-Freedom Llamkos Kosovo, revealed a transparent saying "Catalonia is not Spain" (Catalonia is not Spain), reports. In Llamkos Kosovo won the match with score 4:0, as playing host to the meeting against Freedom of Prizren. This event is played within the 31-throughput of Kosovo Raiffeisen Super League in football and was very important for vushtrriasit, as this victory has added significantly to the likelihood of residues in Kosovo football elite. Spain is one of the EU countries that have not recognized Kosovo's independence, but recently their Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia stated that in the future will not happen. In the match Atletico Madrid beat Real Madrid 2-1 after extra time.