Xhemajli "bombs", 3 goals marks

Blerim Xhemajli erupted Naples Neapolitan team secured a great victory on the trip to Turin. Xhemajli secured the first hat trick in Napoli fanelën scoring 3 times in 80 minutes to win 5 to 3 Naples. Two other goals Cavani punch in 84 and 90 minutes. Turin realized Barreto, Jonathas and Meggiorini. After this victory, Napoli back into second place with 2 points more than Milan.

Hero! Steven Gerrard's amazing goal line clearance v Aston Villa

Captain Steven Gerrard is still the main player kuqeve from Liverpool with his fantastic appearances. Liverpool won the match on the trip to Aston Villa, Gerrard managed to score the winning goal for his team and also mark the 100th goal for Liverpool we Premierligë.Por this was not all, Captain Gerrard managed to get rid of the a pure goal Aston Villa in minute 65 '.

"Clone" Cristiano Ronaldo is located in Turkey

In Turkey, we hear a lot about a guy named Gokmen Akdogan. He was called as a clone of Cristiano Ronaldo. In fact, he is an ardent fan of Ronaldo and mimics in all parts of the Portuguese star. Frizura it is fashionable to that of Ronaldo. Gokmen continuously conveying Ronaldo garment to make it the same. But not only that, Gokman Akdogan trains in football mimicking the style of the game Ronaldo. He consistently hit free throws in his style.

Free-kick Golazo! M. Gadzhiev

A fantastic goal is scored in the Ukrainian championship match between Tavryias and Arsenal Kiev. National team footballer, Tavryia, Makhach Gadzhiev in the last seconds of the match launch a powerful blow to the gate of the opponents. His hits 110 km per hour was followed by efe that confused opponents goalkeeper.