Franck Ribéry Horror Red Card

Bayern Munich's best footballer, Frenchman, Franck Ribery is punished with a red card in the German Cup match, where the Bavarians won 2:0 in Augsburg trip to secure a place in the quarterfinals. Ribery was punished with a red 47 minutes into the match after a clash with South Korean football player Ja Cheol Koo. It was exactly Koo who instigated the first clash, while Ribery returned to him with a slight punch.

Xherdan Shaqiri goal vs Ausburg dfb cup

Kosovo Bayern Munich star has excellent Bavarian shirt again. Gjilanasi has scored again for Bayern Munich in the German Cup match against Augsburg which ended 2:0 in favor of the guests from Munich. With this victory, Bayern has secured a place in the quarterfinals of the Cup, and Shaqiri, who played from the first minute, scored the second goal for the visitors 85 minutes after assisting Mullerit. First goal scored Mario Gomez after 26 minutes. This is the second goal within a few days for Shaqiri, since the Bundesliga came to a point of Bayern Munich security in the face Borussia Moenchengladbach.


A Lionel Messi in Italian football. Hachim Mastour for which we have written several times. Moroccan Supertalenti debuted for the young people of Italy scoring the first goal in presenting Azzure. Mastour has impressed everyone with this statement indicating that exceptional technique. Mastour with his tricks that did impress fans gathered in stadium.Mastour calculated as Lionel Messi Milan as he shines even more young rosoneri.

Fatos Nano to club from Lorik Cana

It is well known that Lorik Cana, famous footballer and captain of the national team red and black, has opened a local grower in Tirana, whose inauguration was attended by many VIP characters. He also made a surprise, introducing new Italian girlfriend. But, in this celebration with lots of drinks, there has been no former Albanian Prime Minister Fatos Nano, who seems to have gone very well.

Lose the full 15 pounds, and earns $ 2.7 million

Has reached the end of his diet Ronaldo, live on television. Six months ago Brazilian phenomenon had announced that it would follow in front of the cameras, a regime based dishes healthy, exercise and medical checks. Former player turned his room into a place open to the cameras, to show the public that it is weakened. The answer will come Sunday when Ronaldo will go up on the scales after three months. In late September the former striker weighed 118.9 pounds and the target was down to 104. According to some Brazilian media, Ronaldo but has lost weight, has won the 6 million real, about 2.7 million dollars, but tv 'Globo' deny this news.

Arab Goalkeeper Wastes Time On Purpose!

Stupid goalkeeper but also talent

Crazy fan hugs MESSI (vs. Atletico)

In the last minute of the match Barcelona - Athletico Madrid, a fan entered the field passing the provision for late closely Lionel Messi. Fan made ​​it impossible to achieve the goal as take a hug with Messi. Leo Messi somehow accept his embrace not i'u dismissed him. This can probably be lucky fan after it had hit the media being close to the best player in the world, perhaps the best of all time