De Rossi simulate vs Chievo

In recent days in football simulations are seeing more different from that really make you smile when you shikosh.I is the same simulation Rome midfielder Daniele De Rossi, who in the game that his team lost Chievo at the Olimpico tried to judge mashtoj being thrown to the ground after a conflict with Danielli defender, but the referee was good fortunate attentive ee saw what actually happened.

Goalkeeper knocked unconscious after hitting post

An event that brought fear into the stadium saw the Belgian football league. In the match between Club Bruges and Lokeren goalkeeper Carlos bacc guest in an effort to stop a kick hit the post with his head falling unconscious in the field. The goalkeeper was sent immediately to the hospital where he returned to consciousness and health improvements.

Lionel Messi - 2 goals vs Real Betis

Barcelona defeated Real Betisin the result 4 2 Real Betisin closer to the La Liga title. Catalan team was suffered in the first game with the score 1 to 2. PABO and Perez realized two goals to pull Betisin while Sanchez to Barcelona in the first half. Villa equalize at 2 to 2 minutes After this time the game was introduced best player in the world, Lionel Messi who made the difference in the Barcelona game, with and without the field. At first contact with super ball pull Messi free-kick for 3 to 2. Ten minutes later El Messiah pull for 4 with 2 and Barcelona victory.

The particular 'the real Real Madrid

If anyone deserves to Real Madrid separate labeled, it is definitely Cristiano Ronaldo. Portuguese can cilsohet more extraordinary than 53 goals scored in 52 matches, an achievement that probably only he and Messi can aspire. Ronaldo was the main player the Kings this season, he managed to punch in different stadiums like the Camp Nou, Amsterdam Arena, Westfalenstadion in Mestalla, Old Trafford, the Türk Telekom Arena and San Mames. He also pull in two games for Real Madrid Champions League quarterfinals and semifinals in one match and remains realizatori best this season with 12 goals. But that's not all, with two goals in the match against Valadollidit realized, Ronaldo reached almost 200 goals in 196 appearances for Real Madrid. An achievement to be admired.