Real Madrid footballer will play for Albania

Giani De Biasi has reportedly convinced supertalentin borrowed Russian team Zenit Russian, Bosnian Forum Sadzid Susice to play for the Albanian national team. Husic is owned by Real Madrid player, while its price is 25 million euros. Husic was born in Austria, Kosovo origin, and is currently Bosnian passport. Zenit talent is considered one of the greatest talents that European football today being sought from Barcelona, Lazio many other teams. De Biasi said to have completed all the details with him and that he will debut Shquipërinë match against Norway. Player himself is said to have been the first few days in Tirana, probably to get Albanian passport. Days ago Husic was Bosnian media theme since called traitor Edin Dzeko.

Sneijder amazing first goal for Galatasaray

Dutch fantastic midfielder Wesley Sneijder has scored a very nice goal for Galatasaray. Sneijder first goal punch fanelën Gallatës to Orduspor match. Galatasaray was losing even a score of 0 to 2 when Sneijder began restoring strong team to victory. Sneijder punch for 1 to 2, and at the end of Galata won 4 to 2.

Ibra gives coat phenomenon PSG number 9

Former best player in the world, the Brazilian Ronaldo won a T-shirts from French team PSG. Ronaldo ishtte present at the stadium to see the derby between PSG and Marseille while before the match he was honored by Ibrahimovic. Ibra gave him a T-shirts in the stadium received warm applause in the stadium. Ronaldo's presence on the field so happy was also the Brazilian Leonardo.

When Giggs debut, some were not to be

A picture analysis shows how olds were now teammates Giggs when star Welshman debut with Manchester United on 3 March 1991. Scholes back then was 16 years old, 12-year-old Ferdinand while Carrrick, Vidic and Evra 9 years. Rafael time was 8 months, De Gea Wellbeck had 3 months to live. Phil Jones and Powell were not born at all.


The weather is apparently just as vigorous as their love for each other, Rihanna's wild mane is certainly totally disheveled. The power rock was derived from Rihanna's own collection, "Rihanna for Iceland Fever". The Internet Portal reported even a very hot rumor: Supposedly Brown wants to stop in Hawaii as much as Rihanna's hand. Not a bad idea, if you have such a catch on the hook - or what do you think?

Balotelli incident with inter fans

Mario Balotelli is a striker promising and challenging Inter tried to score at all costs. But at least three times zikaltër keeper Handanovic goal satisfaction denied. I frustrated by the lack of goal, but Inter fans' racist choirs, Balotelli is caught in the second making an ugly gesture.