This terrible gesture was not seen in the history of football

Risk taking maximum penalty soccer team FC Calero La Union, Gaston Segierino, after dangerous attacking the opposing goalie with kung-fu! 26-year-old striker was booked with a yellow card in the 90th minute, but he could not t'dot contained his nerves and so viciously attacked goalkeeper Santiago Wanderers, Mauricio Viana, in a match that took place within the football championship in Chile

Lionel Messi webcam chat with Sabrina Ravelli

Lionel Messi a famous player burr even now married with 1 child was once otherwise 1 simple guy where it can be seen in the video below messi gjirohet by a girl talking to the camera during a conversation we Msn.Sabrina RAVELLI iswomen who gjiroi and threw in interrnet to tell her friends or to honor you speaks in interrnet.Per more you speak following video.

Beautiful goal that Ibrahimovic

This is one of the best goal in world !

From Turkey comme goal of year !

Striker Fenerbah├žes, Moussa Sow, has not only managed to score a goal which his team got a point in trip to Eskesehirspor, but Sow managed to make the miracle after his goal realizur was simply spectacular.

Women are not fot Fotball

Ramos makes "eagle" (Video)

Real makes about 8th wonder of the world (video)

His beautiful girlfriend Maria Interview

MARIA IMIZCOZ (21): I would make with the money that my parents, my four brothers and my sister is going well. For many young Spaniards, it is because of the economic situation at the moment extremely difficult to find a job. In my circle of friends, unfortunately, make some this experience.
When the content of Javi you would not even work ...
Well it is! I am an independent person and would like to stand on my own feet - regardless of Javi. The money to me to buy my clothes, I want to earn themselves

Look what Marchetti defended Lazio (Video)