Another super soccer scandal

An incident in the field of sports, can become political incident. Mayor Kavajës, Elvis Roshi, was arrested by police on charges of intimidation and attack due to the duty of Tirana Football team coach, Nevil Dede, as well as "contrary to the police" and "disobedience to order police officers. " Roshi currently located in cells pending Police Department arrest measure. About 22:00 pm, multiple police forces have brought mayor kavajas in the premises of District Police Directorate of Tirana, for security reasons in detention facilities Kavaja commissariat. Conflict as it happened during the match super Besa-Tirana, where Elvis Roshi citizen allegedly fired coach Tirana, Nevil Dede citizen, threatening the latter with life. Meanwhile, police also announced that in connection with the conflict, which started at the end of the first half, were arrested in conditions flagrancës 7 nationals for offenses consumption "illegal gathering", "disobeying police "as well as" contrary to the police ". Of the seven arrested, four of them are employees of the municipality, as well as local police chief of this city.

The best kiss in stadium

Nobody can blame that tasted. Boy in a meeting "was offered" vazos who was sitting beside him. The interlock without waiting but for this is bad shuplaksour. But it is trying to "bathe". Girls angry with this gesture she poured the drink in the head in front of the public. However unfortunate found on the side opposite that which has had, who complained and gave her lips. On the contrary fillou aplaudimi. Proverb that when one door closes, another opens.

Bolivian Player shows respect to ronaldinho

An interesting case occurred in Copa Libertadores match between Atlético Mineiros and The Strongest. Bolivian footballer Jair Torrico has expressed his great admiration for Ronaldinho, bowing before him, as the teams were meeting before the start of the match. Torrico was the last player to his team, and when the time came to say goodbye to Brazilian legend, made it so special. Mineiro won this meeting 2:1, while Torrico seems more important was the meeting with the former footballer of PSG, Barcelona and Milan.

Is this Facebook Wall best in the world?

Since a few days on Facebook is circulating a photo from India, an Indian temple, the facade of which is built according to the model of Facebook. As you can see in this photo, Facebook wall represents the goddess of knowledge Saraswati, while her friends are other Indian gods, such as: Krishna, Laxmi, Shiva, Kali, etc.. Among other information provided in this profile on Facebook, says that Saraswati was born and lives in Swarglok, Indian language means paradise.

Yohan Cabaye Scores Free Kick Newcastle Vs Stoke

An interesting case is the first in the English Premier League. In the match Between Newcastle and Stoke defender Taylor made ​​history efforts to be surprised goalkeeper Begovic. On a free kick, Taylor constantlyâ trying historic gestures dekoncentroj Bosnian goalkeeper. But it did the job as Defenders free kick in the net which konkreitozj-Frenchman Cabaye.

Diego Lopez Skills and Saves in Real Madrid 2013

Diego Lopez has set a new record compared to Real Madrid's goalkeeper this season. Recently replaced goalkeeper Iker Casillas in the injured, has survived 9 times against Celta de Vigo's port. The previous record was 6 pending in both matches Sevilla: Casillas in the first and second Lopez to face. Lopez had no opportunity even to relax during the game, given that his door was always attacking. We first minutes that game, a long ball from Albiol ended standing Aspas. Diogo has blocked this kick in the entrance of the danger zone. Celta's unstoppable attacks have made Diego Lopez to intervene also 3 other times to save so wonderful gate 10 minutes before: where dangerous action was he cross Iago Aspas. Diego Lopez shines more and more in Madrid matches. Goalkeeper inernacional is in his best form and is a substitute for proper Iker Casillas.

Beats derby Sigal Prishtina - Trepca

Again violence in Kosovo sport. The violence has included the big derby between Kosovar Sigal Prishtina-Trepca this meeting was taking place tonight at the Palace of Youth and Sports in Pristina. By the third period, when the score was 34-35, the game goes pretty well, but in the last five minutes of the third quarter some fans Prishtina ruining the image of the derby after departing to attack a small number of fans Mitrovica, but Sigal Prishtina fans did not spare jetty mitrovicasve. In this fight were they included some of the basketball of the two clubs, reports FED. After some consultation between the match delegate and judges as well as the leaders of the two clubs was decided that the match be stopped. It should be noted that throughout this match "lumpy" did not spare any moment insults addressed to mitrovicasve. This is a great shame for our sport at a time when we are seeking integration into the international arena.