Another super soccer scandal

An incident in the field of sports, can become political incident. Mayor Kavajës, Elvis Roshi, was arrested by police on charges of intimidation and attack due to the duty of Tirana Football team coach, Nevil Dede, as well as "contrary to the police" and "disobedience to order police officers. " Roshi currently located in cells pending Police Department arrest measure. About 22:00 pm, multiple police forces have brought mayor kavajas in the premises of District Police Directorate of Tirana, for security reasons in detention facilities Kavaja commissariat. Conflict as it happened during the match super Besa-Tirana, where Elvis Roshi citizen allegedly fired coach Tirana, Nevil Dede citizen, threatening the latter with life. Meanwhile, police also announced that in connection with the conflict, which started at the end of the first half, were arrested in conditions flagrancës 7 nationals for offenses consumption "illegal gathering", "disobeying police "as well as" contrary to the police ". Of the seven arrested, four of them are employees of the municipality, as well as local police chief of this city.