Cameron Jerome Wonder Goal

Stoke City striker Cameron Jerome, has managed to score a miraculous goal from a distance of about 30 feet to save his team from defeat against Southampton match ended 3:3. Taking place the last minute of the match, when a counterattack national team, Crouch assists Jerome, and the latter fails to score a goal that is rarely seen on the island.

Cristiano Ronaldo says that he is a big player

"My father always said: When the judge to help you get up, you can tell yourself that you are a great player."

Find out what makes ronaldo (VIDEO)


Barca buys "flea" brazilian, what talent

Barcelona thinks about her academy, shows finding this extraordinary talent brazilian. Barcelona has reached an agreement to purchase the 11-year-old Brazilian, Cassiano Bouzon. Bahias talent was said to be a time in Barcelona radar while katalonase squad has reportedly reached an agreement to purchase his reports to the IO. He in Brazil is called as "Flea" Brazilian, with a name called the best player in the world Lionel Messi. In the following video you can see high skills Bouzon talent.

Casillas was in Barcelona on Wednesday

Captain and Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas is seen in Barcelona the day after the Christmas holiday. According to Spanish media he was in the company of his girlfriend Sara Carboneros where he visited Barcelona club museum. Catalan media immediately raised the hypothesis of a possible transfer madrilenit at "Camp Nou" seeing bad reports recently with coach Jose Mourinho and the other staff members of "Los Blancos".   "Like the Catalans. Tribulation is coming from small your Argentinians who are constantly on goals marks, "he joked Casillas. Journalism has talked with taxi driver Casillas from the airport. "I asked him: Iker, will transfer to Barcelona? He replied: Right now nothing, "he told taxi driver for" El Mundo Deportivo ".

Sleeping fan misses Chicharito winner vs Newcastle

Manchester United fans are happy in their team's dramatic victory against Newcastelit the day after Christmas. Chicharito Hernandez seemly all the holidays in "Old Trafford", except a sleepy fan. Although Mexican scored a goal in extra time to win and induced delirium in the debates, it seems that this was not enough of a fan. Phenomenal appearance, nor six scoring before that Chicharitos, can not keep awake United's fan.

Funny confused kid at Manchester City vs Sunderland

An interesting moment was seen before the start of the match Sunderland-Manchester City in the Premier League yesterday. Sunderland's Spanish defender Carlos Cuellar head touched a guy with T-shirts Manchester City. But it casual touch became Fore charming boy. He lost "ball" by not knowing that she came from touch, to make some returns 360 degree for not finding touch dilemma.

|GOAL| Samaras Goal v Dundee FC

Celticut footballers continue dominance in the Scottish Premier League, so Wednesday came third victory in a row, on lap 20. As a guest, Celtic defeated Dundee-n 2:0, at the same time it was the fifth consecutive victory for Celticun in all competitions. Three points Celticut expected them brought Greek Georgios Samaras and Gary Hooper 17 minutes 71 minutes.

Barca executives: why not replace Vilanoven

tito-vilanolva copy copy copy copy copy copy copy
Barcelona club chief, Jose Maria Bartomeu, has explained why the leaders of this team has not gone never intends to find a substitute for Tito Vilanoven, although the latter will stay more than a month away team as headsurgical intervention for removal of a tumor. "Tito is a part of the club. Human relations that exist have been established for many years, which exceed beyond any role you hold Barcelona. People here grow together and stay together thanks emotional ties.

Vettel first, Iniesta fifth, Ronaldo seventh

1.Sebastian Vettel (Germany, Formula 1) - 137 points
2. Bradley Wiggins (Great Britain, cycling) - 130 points
3. Mohamed Farah (UK, athletics) - 128 points
4. Novak Xhokoviq (Serbia, tennis) - 108 points
5. Andres Iniesta (Spain, Football) - 103 points
6. Andy Murray (Great Britain, tennis) - 67 points
7. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal, football) - 66 points
8. Ranomi Kromowidjojo (Netherlands, swimming) - 55 points
9. Roger Federer (Switzerland, tennis) - 50 points
10. Sebastien Loeb (France, Rally) - 47 points

Mourinho "had" reason to put Casillas

Jose Mourinho and his decision to leave the reserve bank Iker Casillas has been driven by a friend of his who could have guided him. Real Madrid goalkeeper coach Silvino Louro is not talking to 2 months with the first goalkeeper to Real. Louro told Mourinho that Casillas was 2 months is not speaking to him, which has strongly irritosur. This action is said to have been decisive Mourinho has left Casillas reserve since Llouro is a right-wing Mourinho.

Here lies the difference between Lionel Messi and C. Ronaldo

The same person in different situations...

Look what they did Neymar (VIDEO)

Sneider with the new team!

Inter Milan Dutch midfielder Wesley Sneijder has reportedly reached an agreement with Tottenham squad. Italian sports journalist Tancredi Palmer has formalized this news in which Sneijder has reached agreement with Tottenham squad. £ 12m Tottenham reportedly will pay Inter Inter star. Reportedly selling Sturridge to Liverpool, Tottenham made ​​me think seriously about buying Sneijder after Chelsea midfielder church in the foreground.

Joe Allen, The Welsh Xavi

A radio katalonase has published the news that Barcelona is supposed to find a successor to Xavi in the team. Despite the fact that the continued contract "waiter" Spanish, Barca is supposed to bring a decent midfielder who resemble the team's game. Allen in England are named as British Xavi as he passes brilliant form this season being an irreplaceable player to Liverpool. According to this source, Barcelona has sent 3 times this season some team agents on the island to look closely at new midfielder Welshman. Allen is 22 years old and the last edition was one of the players with more passes in the Premier League, which he is doing well this season with Liverpool. Barcelona can validate Liverpool with an offer of 16 million euros for Allen, and can only make the game even sharing David Villa or ISAC Cuencas.

Real Madrid set the price for CR7

kontrataAccording to "The Sun", leaders Real Madrid have set the price for the Portuguese: 122 million pounds, or about 200 million euros to anyone who requires the services of the Portuguese star.

Trainers do not have easy

Has coached in every area of the sport everywhere, but it seems that their work gladly perform them women, although not easy!

Look at Messi when he was 12 years

Social network YouTube is a video of the world's best player, Lionel Messi when he was 12 years and his team has participated in school competitions. Messi at the time showed that it is super-talent who only a year after they saw Barcelona scouts. He in 1999 with the school team took part in the nationwide tour of opponents' nets wobble.

Casillas speaking, after much controversy

Iker Casillas has spoken for the first time for leaving his reserve bank in yesterday's match against Malaga. Real Madrid goalkeeper said leaving reserve bank is not the end of the world, but that it surprise him. "The coach did not say anything to my form before the match. We normally stërviteshim and I knew before the match that she is going to be in reserve bank. It is not the end of the world that I am a reservist but the most interesting was to understand why. However I will continue training to convince the coach and those who do not believe in me. I will be back in possession, "said Casillas.

Trabzonspor - Galatasaray fans

Trabzon footballers and Galatasaray have measured forces in last weekend on lap 17 of the Turkish championship, while in the spotlight were the fans. Galatës striker, Burak Yilmas was burned hooligans. After a blow to the first gate was hit with the bottle which fly from the stands, and then next to him exploded a pyrotechnic while standing on the ground, but managed to raise. The meeting between Galatasaray and Trabzonsporit finished without winning goals.


Kosovar Supertalenti Bersant Celina, was part of an advertisement for the holidays, organized by the Academy of the team where he plays, Manchester City. In this setup, the City's academy players show their qualities with the ball, but not very common, causing laughter. Celina key moment in this video, is his Juggling the ball and then assists for teammates, which marks the 'bike'. Celina is 16-year-old, and is part of the new representation of Norway. Part of City's academy is Sinan Bytyqi.

New View on Facebook

This is a new design of social network Facebook by Staff of Facebook. It is believed that this new design will have more people happy with the changes made ​​in the most famous social network and is easier to use. Many new options are added as you can see in the picture Inbox, Notification and Friend Requests are shifted in a more easy to use and to be pare.Gjithashtu drastic change recently suffered Album and gallery appearance Photo on Facebook. Which no doubt left many users happy with the way how positively accepted the change.

Hope most men also

There are shoes, a conversation about "feelings", money or whatever else entirely? Be surprised. What could it be? Enter your tip from a comment and see until after then.

Felipe Melo national anthem is accompanied by

Felipe Melo sings the anthem of the state of Turkey like to be a Turk, this is a great player, deserves to be idhullu of this team.

What the guys can expect for the World Cup

XD What's your favorite? So I'm for England

Here's how much money Albanian footballers in the world

Being from a country like Albania, with a football not so developed, of course, that this will also affect the pockets of every player, when they sign their contracts. Thus, out of 11 Albanians Serie A, Lorik Cana is one that has a higher salary. Albania captain paid 1 million and 700 thousand euros net per season Lazio team and is one of the highest paid players. Just Miroslav Klose (2.1 million euros), Mauro Zarate (2.1 million euro) and Brazilian Hernanes (1.8 million euros) paid more than red and black defender. After Cana, terms of payment among Albanian players comes Valon Behrami. Midfielder destructive traits of Naples (plays as a defender) paid 1 million 400 thousand euros net per season. Albanian-Swiss is one of the payees of the Neapolitan team, while 400 thousand euros less then 1 million seasonal wage Blerim Xhemaili. Tetovari left Parma two seasons, even for the best offer received by the president of Naples, De Laurentis. After podium trio, great distance come Sotiris Ninis (Parma) with 480 thousand euros per season, Panayiotis Kone (Bologna) with 380 thousand euro, Samir Ujkani (Palermo), which under the new contract signed in early of the season receives 350 thousand uro (270 thousand euros more than in Novara), Migjen Basha (Torino) Hetemaj progress (Kievo) with 300 thousand euros each, Erjon Bogdani (Siena) with 250 thousand euro and Shkodran Mustafi (Sampdoria ) with 200 thousand euro. Even the latter is one less paying Sampdoria. Just Falcone (100 thousand euro) takes less than Albanian defender German passport. Meanwhile, there is still given to Paolo Sokol (Xhenoa

Chelsea 4 - 0 Aston Villa Frank Lampard Great Goal

Chelsea famous English midfielder Frank Lampard has performed beautiful goal in his 500th game in fanelën Chelsea. Lampard was one of numerous scorer in this match. Lampard pull a goal after 58 minutes of the match with only two minutes after Benitez take away from the game by involved in Brazilian Ramires game. This may be one of the last goals for Lampard after rumors that he could leave in the direction of LA Galaxy.

Perfect action of Barcelona! (VIDEO)

Robin Van Persie vs Williams Incident occurred during match

Robin Van Persie has flared for a moment in the match with Swansean. Manchester United striker was provokuesi prominent defense lawyer challenges, Williams who hit him with the ball in the head after he was ousted in a share. Van Persie break to catch England defender throat, and later became involved in a dialogue with defender Chico.

Messi cant stop as 9 players

Lionel Messi has scored a goal of 91 in this calendar year and breaking the world record which keeps itself, reminds us of the saying "a person who can stop." Messi in filing deadline for this year has managed to outdo once goalkeeper Valladolidit (1:3), although in some cases, even nine rival team players in the face. However, the representative Argentine not only personally scored 91 goals, also was responsible for 24 goals achieved his mates. Before you is a video dhjetëminutëshe all wonderful goals that Argentine scored in the period from January to December, including this latest against Valladollit.

Answer from question 1

eder it from you! If you knew

Look what the judge finds in the field (VIDEO)

Albanian football violence this time has gone down in the city of Erseka.After the match with Vllaznine that ended in 1-1 draw, Erseka field has turned into a gladiator arena. Players and self managers pankines that Gramoz squad have exercised physical violence to winger Denis Agaraj. While players and fans tried to shoot winger, who for some moments had been under the protection of the police forces, a member of the technical staff of this team has punched vijerojtesin Gugaraj collapsed on the ground. I contacted on the phone by Top Channel, Gramoz coach Dawn Canaj condemned the violence, but according to him, these actions have come as a result of an anti-Gramoz that made ​​these last weeks.

Chelsea Win Roman Abramovich Funny Dancing At Seat

Russian Miljarderi dance dancing Roman Abramovich, who a few weeks ago bought a wonderful villa for about 100 million euro. Not surprisingly, in the English version of monopoly, the path with the highest value has been "Mayfair" and now is "Kensington Palace Gardens."

Casillas Reaction to Isco Goal

After every goal look Casilasit feedback that was not in match fizionomisht but psychologically and heart was the most important part of the game.

"Golf 2" more quickly in the world (VIDEO)

Livaja Crazy Fail | Inter - Genoa 1-1

Its stadium, Inter did not manage more than one point in the match with a team that is at the bottom of the table, Genoa. 1 1 was the score of the match, even this point Inter assure only at the last minute. Inter took place and an incredible opportunity where Liva hits pillar with empty port. Follow the video.

Pep Guardiola is in Barcelona!!!

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Amazing Scorpion Kick Brest

Although months ago became famous with a supergol in Sweden-England friendly match, Zlatan Ibrahimovic was about to score one of the most beautiful goals in football. PSG match win with Brest, Ibra was extremely acrobatic in a case where a type akrobacion itself was very close to score a goal. However Ibra score a goal in the match, but not so beautiful what can he score often.

Gago as Roberto Carlos, assault with

Brazilian soccer team Gremio, Leo Gago has scored a fantastic goal for his team. Gago scored a goal similar to the famous goal Roberto Carlos final match against France. Gagos kick took efe which gave no chance guest keeper to stop it.

Sergio Araujo new barca talent

Barcelona has found one of the best talents in the world, this talent be seen as a substitute of Messi and comes also from Argentina, there are many in this age class and is out of reach.

"Ballon d'Or" is ready (PHOTO)


Raul Meireles Red card- Galatasaray vs Fenerbahce

Former Chelsea Liverpool midfielder Raul Meireles has been sentenced to 11 matches by the Turkish Football Federation after spitting judge in the derby against Galatasaray. Fehnerbahces midfielder was sentenced to a red card in last week's derby pështyer judge. Meireles will you miss Fehnerit in the most important stage of the championship, leaving badly in the fight for the title.

The Football Diver Sniper Redux

Football cheats sniped. Had to disable comments this time because I got BORED with the same old comments-"That wasn't a dive" and "OMG! The bullet went THROUGH the referee!" etc etc etc. Jesus...

First UFO landed in Austria!

Bugarach: Audrey Menunier (26) is in a celebratory mood! For doomsday tourists, the 200-strong community is currently the hub of the world. But not everyone can just happen, the police have cordoned off the village almost entirely. Audrey Menunier (26) is yet to come through Bugarach. Your boss has released her especially for this day: "This is a super opportunity, how to party," the young woman from the nearby Perpignan told The end of the world: For all Weltuntergängler nothing but a big bash - since one can only hope that the highly anticipated aliens are no dance muffle

Zidane XI Amazing Goal Zidane

Zinedine Zidane has shown that despite his years, class remains in him. World football legend has accomplished a great presentation at the friendly between his friends and classmates Ronaldo. The match garnered charitable character of European and world football legend was played in Porto Allegra. Zizu impressed everyone recognized some of his moves and punch a fantastic goal in the match. The result of this match was less important.

Élber goal against Real Madrid

FC Bayern 4:1 Real, here you only goal Giovane Elber, after asistit Oliver Kahn, Elber scores a super 'Samba' With this video, for today you say good night again tomorrow from 00:45 o'clock continue with other videos.

See how reagi Mourinho after equalizing with Espanioll

It seems Madrid tranjeri has not slight this periods. He finally was captured by Spanish newspapers ...