He knew that was champion, here the reaction then

An interesting event was seen in Norwegian football when football team Molde, Magnus Eikrem learned after the game that his team has become a champion. Former Manchester United player, Eikrem was interviewed by a Norwegian journalist who konformoi Moldes team news for this country champion his vit.Reagimi was extraordinary, and he joined his team players . Molde led by Ole Gunnar Solskajer was declared champion for the second consecutive year in Norway where there are still 3 weeks from the end of the championship.

Cristiano Ronaldo's son doing cheer for his dad

Cristiano Ronaldo's son could have been more charming fan during the match Real Madrid to Granada, where his father scored 2 goals in the score 3:0. Two-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo Jr was captivating where lodronte happy in the arms and the watchful eye of his grandmother and other members seeing and calling it his voice of the child, his father playing on the field. At the end of the match Ronaldo expressed his anger by saying he was not satisfied to continue to stay in the Club of Madrid. He ashprehur desire to leave.

Celtic vs Barca Brillant Commentator Amazing

Scottish media have published a video commentary Krys Scottish commentator Kyjawa when Celtic scored 2 goals in the victory over Barcelona. Kyjavas reaction really would not comment as he cracked after two goals, which came on the day when victory Celtic celebrated its 125 anniversary.

Do not make noise, Mancini is sleeping

Roberto Mancini seems to have taken lightly this season in charge of Manchester City. He has become a character of the discussions in England, after Italian champions strategist at Premier League force is photographed as 'sleep' during yesterday's match against Tottenham, ended 2-1 in favor of "Citiziens". After his team moved to 2-1 advantage, Mancini he snapped a nap on the bench. Apparently the 47-year-old not manage to control themselves when it comes to sleep.

Caricature of the day - national

Ronaldo, Rooney and Van Persie damaged before matches with national ..

Arsenal offers 8.5 million for Xhaka

Following the interest shown for Cavani, Zaha, but Edin Dzeko, Arsene Wenger is ready to return to the runway of Granite Xhakës in Merkato January. Swiss national team midfielder is unhappy Menhengladbah, because it is sitting on the bench, and Arsenal is ready to offer rescue "Emirates". According to the news coming out of Germany, "Gunners" in an attempt to save the season, will provide Borussias 8.5 million euros on the table, just as much as the Germans pays Basel Merkato summer in May. Wenger was interested in Kosovo midfielder before his transfer to the Bundesliga, as they had shown interest in the Chelsea, Manchester United and Barcelona, but talent Ottmar Hitzfeld chose M'Gladbahut club, because they guarantee a safe place holder. Now that the coach was sitting on the bench Garnets may have changed his mind.

This is the guy who abducted the hearts of all Albanians (video)

Messi Gets a GUN in his face as he arrives at Saudi Arabia Airport

The only half screen is visible at some parts but the picture quality is good. Messi's armed guards come up against a crush of people trying to get near him, which pushed one guard's assault rifle right up against Messi's shoulder.