Clash of Montenegrin Serb fans

Nine people were injured last night in the capital of Montenegro, Podgorica during the fight between some fans before the start of the Adriatic League basketball match between the local team "Buduqnost" and the team from Belgrade "Partizan". Montenegrin police informs that during the incident with injurieseasier spent six fans and three policemen, who were given emergency medical assistance to the Department of clinical Center in Podgorica. Podgorica media announced that the police have arrested five participants in this fight, but this information has not yet been confirmed by police sources. Media report that in addition to fighting in the sports hall, are recorded incidents in several locations in Podgorica. During the incident, several windows were broken vehicles, among them police. According to media Montenegro incident caused fans of "Partizan"-it, who have provoked song supporters "Buduqnost" it, broadcasts The match of the turnover of 5-Adriatic League at the end was played with a delay of 30 minutes, where guests from Belgrade won 81:62.

Boateng fiancée Sata

a post on "Twitter" Melissa Sates, Boateng fiancée, to clarify and denied all rumors and recent doubts about its potential a flirti Cristiano Ronaldo: "I and @ KPBofficial (address' Twitter'- it Boatengut) wish Cristiano Ronaldo and Irines all mirat.Madje, maybe when you get married, will be invited at the ceremony for the ire of everybody "wrote Sata, described as science fiction newspublished on a correspondence with hot messages Madrid star Madridit.Njeheresh Sata wrote that everything published was a fallacy. "Ronaldo has never written. I am engaged, as well as he is engaged to a beautiful girl and does not need someone to write another! ". Following Sata softens somewhat the charges:" It is normal to write papers, but true except, and not to invent all sorts of stories to destroy couples. "

Fan touching tits of his girlfriend during the match

This event happened in the Mexican league, this video is doing laps around the bot located in youtube .. i love this girl loses control of the country to attend the football ... more I invite you to follow video

Penalty strange ever hit!

Goalkeeper received three times the same penalty!

Unbelievable but true. During football Bolivia Championship match between Universitario and Oriente Petroleo, which ended in a draw 1-1, the host team goalkeeper has received three times the same penalty. From the spot hit Gabriel Rios. The judge repeated execution three times since the opposing goalie was out of the gate before signaling. But he stopped all defense blows. Do not believe? Look at the video of 4'20 minutes.

Elis Bakaj goal of the week

Goal Of The Week Elis Bakaj Amazing Goal (VIDEO)

Players Get Hit With A Bomb Inside The Stadium (VIDEO)