Kerim Avci goal of month Mars

There is the Turkish name Gunay Cakir referred to in sports media. This time is a Turkish else who has scored a fantastic goal. German soccer team, Essen, Kerim Avci has recorded one of the most beautiful goals so far in March. Avci complete a fantastic volej of beating team goalkeeper Bergisch Gladbach.

Juventus-Celtic fairplay fans

Celtic fights in vain! Juventus moved to 2-0 to the quarterfinals of the Champions League Juventus has also prevailed in the second leg against Celtic sovereign. The Scots went out aggressively, had the icy hosts but no answer. In the next round of the Champions League proved Celtic size and made it difficult to Juventus in a foreign land, could, however, become fixed in the 0-2 defeat never entirely. The Italians are in the quarter-finals of Europe's elite.

Roy Keane Argues With Gareth Southgate Over Nani Red Card

From the 48th United was minute, with more than one foot in the quarter-finals. The outstanding Nani danced Varane from on the left side, crossed the ball to the inside, where the ball bounced Ramos very unhappy at the base - and the United goal lead. But just eight minutes later the game a different turn after Nani is a duel with Alvaro Arbeola provided on the left side of attack, which ended with red for the midfielder for United. Nani started concentrating on the ball, looked only to the leather and went ahead with the foot to the point. He met Arbeloa referee Cuneyt Cakir and Turkish introduced him punished for dangerous play with the red box. Ten Red Devils against 11 Merengues. Ten minutes after the sending off turned the game dedicated Royal, after the sending off in a tour attacked the gate of the British. The result was the double whammy in the 66th and 69 Minute - Manchester was eliminated and the real happiness. In the truest sense of the word.

Cristiano Ronaldo Blasts Iker Casillas Girlfriend

The start of the game was dominated by a large sampling of both teams. Real Madrid was visually superior and indeed captivated with plenty of possession. The midfields compacted on both sides of the room and did not offer any opportunities for the opponent. Madrid tried to tear open the United defense often with long balls, and succeeded, but barely. The first better opportunity finally had the home side. After a fine pass from Giggs, tried to Robin van Persie cross down the ball, but the attentive Sergio Ramos could clarify in greatest need (15).

Dominic Samuel scores a cracker for Reading U21's

Reading's new soccer player, Dominic Samuel has scored a very nice goal against Manchester City. U21 League match, reading earn a score of 3 to 0 while Samues was the one who made ​​the most raunchy City's talent. Samuel dribloj full after City players receive a top of the gate, and at the end solo action end goal.

Rio Ferdinand clapping in front of the referee

Rio Ferdinand is expected to be sanctioned by UEFA for his gesture at the end of the match against Real Madrid. Manchester United defender after last vërshëllimës i'u ignoring judge approached with an applause for his poor referral. Ferdinand could be punished for this gesture with 2 or 3 games.