Oscar Amazing Goal 40 m Chelsea vs Shakhtar Donetsk

Chelsea has achieved an important victory before his fans in the match against tough rival, Shakhtar Donstek. The meeting held at Stamford Bridge ended with a 3-2 result. Champions found that goal in min (6 ') with striker Fernando Torres after a neglect goalie, but he did in the other Ukrainian team reacts immediately and equalizes the score in min (9') with the Brazilian William. It was again an uncontrolled exit from goalkeeper Shaktarit pay with Ukrainian guests touchdown with Brazilian talent Oscar Score beautiful paraboll min (40 ') and the predominance of Chelsea ended the first part. Start the second half was again brazilian William equalize The result in 2-2 min (47 ') Chelsea's victory came at the last minute when he scored a goal with head striker Moses. In another match of this group Juventus destroy Nordjellandin by beating convincing result 4-0. Marchiso scored the first goal in min (6 '), while Arturo Vidal after 20 minutes exactly min (23') doubled the lead. To end a perfect first part took care Giovinco striker who scored for 3-0 min (37 '). Qualiarella striker set advantage at 4-0 min (75 ').

albanian boxer boy new video

Brendon Kledi is proud of Albania .. This is 5 year old Shqipetar which stervitete from world famous boxer coach Micheal TAYSON .. Coach says that this will jet a true talent in the future. Has an extraordinary strength and reflexes crazy .. Do jet an opponent worthy of boxing today .. Nigeria will jet proud Brendonin small

Balotelli and mancini rage at ref after ajax game

Roberto Mancini and Mario Balotelli is expected to be fined by UEFA for their gestures during and after the game with Ajax. Referring Judge Peter Rasmussen has made two Italians lose control in the match against Ajax. A penalty awarded against Balotelli saw a case where Van Rihjn took it to T-shirts, has made Italian striker heading rapidly towards gjyqtarit.Pas match Roberto Mancini has approached high tones judge accused of poor judgment. After that Mancint idol also work with a cameraman. "Why did you contact me, do you want to lap movie with me?" Mancini told journalists.

Celtic 2:1 Barcelona

Celtiku was the surprise of the evening in the Champions League, Scottish squad managed to beat Barcelona with the result 2-1 Although Barcelona was superior in the first half, was Celtiku who managed to punch in minute 21 '. Barcelona until the end of the first half tried hard to reconcile but protecting Celtikut was invincible and finished off the natives superiority first. In the second half Barcelona team was maximally engaged in offensive phase to produce a positive result, but still managed surprised locals goal katalunasit minunte 83 'with Watt. It was Lionel Messi in minute 90 'scored a goal but it was too late to do something more. Other match of the gro

Roma vs Palermo (4-1) Destro Goal

A ridiculous case was seen this week in Italian football. Footballer of Rome, Matthias destro was activated at the last minute ndeshjes.Me be involved in the game, he was booked with yellow card. But two minutes later, destro scored a goal, and he began to celebrated by stripping naked fanelës.Gjersa he less fanelën, Smiley remembered that there is a yellow card, trying to put back fanelën. As aid of friends to hide this case did not work after the judge gave a red card by destro excluded from the game.

Cristiano Ronaldo in Albanian tradition

Until the 89th Minutes showed, BVB giants Real Madrid in the Champions League duel in his place. Then came Mesut Özil (24), sunk a super kick and ensured that the compensation to 2:2. Nevertheless, the international press is impressed by the black and yellow. The Spanish daily "AS" was impressed, comparing the SCI with the "Royal": "Borussia seemed to be a disguised Madrid". Through his goal was also the press Ozil finally carried away by praise. The "Marca" celebrates the German national team: "He saved his team and thus itself" Since 2010, Özil plays for the Spanish giants, for the moment it does not look in the Primera Division after a new title. On Tuesday night, the midfielder showed his super kick, what he is worth. Özil is modest: "Of course we wanted to win the game. But you have to make a compliment to Dortmund - they fought to the last minute. Ultimately, we can be satisfied. "