Marks goalkeeper goal from 90 meters

A rare goal recorded in Brazilian football.Youth match between Guarani and Sao Paulo goalkeeper Diego hit the ball to advance to the attack but his kick finish which is best. Diego suddenly pull out 90 feet in the door opposite his counterpart surprised with this goal.

Mourinho Funny Reaction (City vs Real )

A video immediately after the press conference Mourinho was kind of surprised and his reaction was funny.

Unusual event Falcao speaks ball marking penalty

An unusual event happened so say the Spanish media who Lipe its explanation by the author of the second goal against Zaragozes, but Murree not an answer you expect.

Was Vidic goal offside? (VIDEO)

vidic After superderbit English football between Manchester United and Liverpool, doubts arise about the winning goal scored by Vidic. In tests made ​​on Sky Sports, the goal seems to be to a small extent in ofsajd. Analysts assess Vidic position as abnormal when the score goal. I State a blow EVRASIA time when the ball fell to Vidic who put him into the net. For more, see and appreciate you.

Keeper who impressed the world since the beginning of 2013

We match Peru vs Uruguay (U20) goalkeeper Angelo Campos did something extraordinary in this match. Twice defended his gate so fantastic and not allowed to enter the ball. The way he did this remains surprising. Following images speak for themselves

Here's what losing Zlatan Ibrahimovic! (Video)

It seems that super star Bosnian Swedish nenshtetsi have fallen msysh praise lately. He in the last game against Ajaccio French league lost one safe case for goal.

7 year old Albanian talents as Lionel Messi (VIDEO)

Barcelona has another talent in the squad, except middle. He is an Albanian boy, just 7 years, called Ilir Sheriff energy and great talent. Living family lives in Hamburg, Germany.

Cristiano Ronaldo escaped police!

Cristiano Ronaldo has "flown" in one of the streets of Madrid. The Portuguese star was with his beloved car, Lamboghinin surpassing all the rules and regulations of driving.

Supergoal from Eden Hazard

Eden Hazard has accomplished a fantastic goal for Chelsea to victory against Stoke City. Belgian star pull fourth goal in this match made ​​in 73 minutes with a distance supergoditje. Hazard was one of the best in the game by putting in trouble several times Stoke players.