IKEA Commercial 2013 Mourinho Kiss Messi

An interesting video is posted in the last hours on Youtube. Jose Mourinho is part of the video where it in a moment surprised by a cook. According to the news front, Mourinho in this video was recorded an ad from the famous Swedish furniture company "IKEA". Mourinho displayed available and relaxed until it encounters a cook. He tries some of her food, but they were able to "remain in the throat" when he saw what had T-shirts worn cook. She kept fanel├źn of Lionel Messi and Mourinho first came his reaction.

Galatasaray - MP Antalya "You Enskt You

The wait has reached an end, Galatasaray Istanbul's new superstar. On Friday afternoon, the arrival of Didier Drogba was celebrated. Istanbul. Football star Didier Drogba has been on his arrival on Friday afternoon in Turkey celebrated by hundreds of fans of champions Galatasaray frenetic. The 34-year-old wants to sign in the city on the Bosporus a contract for 18 months, which should earn him ten million euros. He also conceded for each completed game 15,000 euros. Still a question mark there Behind that of the superstar, who had failed with the Ivory Coast at the African Nations Cup in South Africa in the quarterfinals by Nigeria, is still a question mark. For Drogba Chinese club Shanghai Shenhua denies continue to have the 34-year-olds given clearance. The association wants to refer the matter to the world governing body FIFA. The Ivorians had last July signed an agreement in Shanghai to 2014. Who is eligible to play Drogba in the future, must now decide the FIFA.

Cristiano Ronaldo vs Sevilla - 80m in 10 seconds

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo confirmed once again that except it is incredible footballer, he also has a talent for Sprint. 4-1 victory over Sevilla on Saturday, the representative Portuguese ran about 90 meters - 70 of which are owned by the ball - made ​​six touch the ball before you realize the go-ahead goal for 4-0. All this for less than 10 seconds. If Usain Bolt is king in the sprint, Ronaldo is undoubtedly so in the category of players, at least in terms of speed.

Robinho and his son

The Brazilian was the obligation of Balotelli because delighted. In addition, he referred to the current good form, so for the "Rossoneri" everything is still possible. Milan. After it was announced on Tuesday that the AC Milan Mario Balotelli will undertake, showed up with a future teammate Robinho delighted. Furthermore, the Brazilian spoke about the season so far of the Champions League finalists eighth.

iPhone 6 Commercial

Accordingly, the iPhone * 5S will be equipped with an A7 processor, which will accelerate the performance of the phone significantly. Also in terms of camera you want to earn more points and improve them, as well as the LED flash. From another direction there is speculation that the memory * of the iPhone is expected to grow to 128 GB. These insiders are always circles of analysts who want the information learned by unspecified sources. When the pavers from Apple * will then be a source nor the subsequent iPhone have seen, which is thus may come later this year on the market. Previously, it was assumed that the iPhone 6 will be introduced until next year. In the details, however, there is even less information than the iPhone 5S. Merely states that the smartphone * with 5 "screen will be smaller and lighter than its predecessor. At the end when the said data remains no security because the resources are meager and there is not any official confirmation. However, the information fits perfectly into the picture, which is why this can not be dismissed as unlikely.

Crisitano Ronaldo amazing skill trick

Ronaldo Turns Up After this slap-stick insert the spell was broken. On the inside right Ronaldo came in the 26th Minute on the ball, let stand Maduro with a feint and left. The leather struck untenable below the far corner. Although Real turned up early, played with Sevilla perk. Jesus Navas appeared suddenly in 29 minutes to the royal box and tested Diego Lopez, who had his shot with no problem, and secured zupackte.