Oliver Kahn vs David Beckham (Video)

For some reason there are statues of Davey Becks and Ollie Kahn at the Saint Petersburg's museum in the Niavaran Cultural Center of Tehran and for some reason those statues look like rejected Star Wars characters. You could probably come up with some kind of tenuous reasoning for having a Becks statue in an Iranian cultural center, but Oliver Kahn? My only guess is that he put it there himself.

Last show of Neymar, exceeding 5 player and marks (Video)

Holds the ball as I was glued to the pedal. Four players try to get to grips but in vain. Neymar takes off and passes Coritiba goalkeeper scoring. A unique and extraordinary spiral that has been added to the list of the best results, allowing his team Santos to win the match 2-1 

Maradona dancing with Ranjini Haridas

Thousands of fans had gathered at the Stadium of Kerala in India to look closely Argentine and world football legend Diego Armando Maradona. El Pibe de Oro is located in India for business purposes as it is expected to open a jewelery shop there but could not get away from the hand opportunity to greet his fans greeted warmly at the airport.Although it has withdrawn from active football many years ago, Maradona again saves his class.

Goal breathtaking (VIDEO)

Barcelona has a document that has bought Neymarin

Transfer Neymarit in Barcelona is very close, according to a paper published today in the international media. On page 178 of the annual plan, seen with Neymarin Barcelona agreement, which further says that on June 30, 2012, Barcelona has made an agreement with Neymar for his transfer to Spain for 40 million euros. According to this document, Barcelona paid 10 million euros for the player and he will come to Barcelona when the current contract with the club expires them.

Let the girlfriend of Sergio Ramos's (PHOTO)

For official Sergio Ramos's love and his girlfriend was missing just a photo when they were kissing.
Here comes the end of it too. In fact it is magazines Spanish "Lecteurs" she has brought her the cover picture of the long-awaited. An image that has paid her 20,000 euros.
Pilar Rubio is a renowned journalist and television ksi Telecinco, the same television that works Sara Carbonero (Iker Casillas's girlfriend). When there is free time Pilar poses around the podiums. We actually deserves to look.