We thought that we would not have choreographed tonight

It was a poker, 4-0 to Barca, the best team of the past five years. This time the sequence we had to win, because so has football, or better say so has life. But can not forget the years of dominance of Catalan football. Great respect for them. The compass is now pointing towards another realm of football. Germany is making a football differently, perhaps more appealing. The highlight: Still have not seen a disadvantage Bayern struggling against a great team. There is still giving 100%-in the attacking force. Currently control the game and score when you do not expect. We also know better than the Bavarians have no pressure to do evil. 4 goal difference, with some counterattacks in Barcelona marks as you want. Especially Bayern will go for the win there, because nothing is missing. It is a matter of dignity comeback in Europe.

Ribery Amazing Skill vs Messi

Bayern's Thomas Mueller Messi! When supernatural 4-0 against Barcelona, ​​the national player makes two goals, one more thing prepares and mixes well with the other. He is the superstar in the shade. Messi who? The new German champion plays in a red noise. Dortmund, please copy today against Real! MEGA BAYERN! This is the final! The return match (Wednesday) a mere formality. 25th May at Wembley. Bavaria is! Chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge on Sky: "So one night I have ever experienced. 4-0 against the best team in the world. A dream. "Arjen Robben:" madness, hard to believe "until shortly before kickoff Barcelona has made ​​a secret of it, if Messi plays after his thigh injury.. He plays! But seeing is not from Argentina. He is not fit. PICTURE grade 6!

Bayern München Vs Barcelona 4-0 All Goals & highlights

Quite different is the MEGA-BAYERN! 25th Minute: Robben crosses on Dante, who continues in his head duel against Alves through, bringing the ball to Mueller, the heads of three meters in - 1:0. The break Messi has never fired a shot towards Bayern goal. Although Barcelona has 63% possession but Bayern have more shots on goal (4-1) and corners (8-3). The ninth corner brings the second goal: Robben puts them in, Müller heads in the middle. Gomez there are free and pure skin from three yards - 2:0 (49). However, Gomez is just offside ... Even the 3-0 pushes Hungary Kassai to referee both eyes. After great sprint from Ribery the ball comes to Robben, who moves from right on goal. Müller makes misconduct Alba unfairly out of the way, Robben has free course, meets in from an acute angle (73).

Bayern vs. Barcelona formation

Formations are formalized kryendeshjes Champions League semifinals between Bayern M - Barcelona which will start from 20:45 am. The locals will be presented with Neuer, Dante, Boateng, Lahm, Ribery, Martinez, Robben, Muller, Alba, Schweinsteinger and Gomez. While Titto Vilanova has decided to reboot with these players: Valdes, Alves, Pique, Batra, Alba, Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets, Pedro, Alexis and Messi