Cristiano Ronaldo AMAZING skill/trick and goal vs Sevilla

Ronaldo Turns Up After this slap-stick insert the spell was broken. On the inside right Ronaldo came in the 26th Minute on the ball, let stand Maduro with a feint and left. The leather struck untenable below the far corner. Although Real turned up early, played with Sevilla perk. Jesus Navas appeared suddenly in 29 minutes to the royal box and tested Diego Lopez, who had his shot with no problem, and secured zupackte.


Although removing shoes Alessandro Matri no wrong in last night match against Fiorentina 2-0 sealed rezutatin in old Lady which closed early in the first game. Matri has scored the second goal of the match, though without his kepucne right.

Ingolstadt - Paderborn (Alban Meha)

Kosovar midfielder Alban Meha has scored a beautiful goal for his team today Paderborn. Meha pull in Paderborn victory against Ingolstadt scoring the last goal in the match 3 to 1 victory. In a confrontation with an opposing defender, Meha launch a nice kick which ended in the net.

Supergoli Balotelli, sin was canceled

Mario Balotelli has scored a fantastic goal in dealing with Cagliari, but the judge did not accept it and considered as invalid. Balotelli score in the last seconds of the match with half a scissors but the judge held that asisti Balotelli had spent the last line of this goal canceled.

Gol Rivaldo - Corinthians 2

Former best player in the world, the Brazilian Rivaldo has not forgotten goals despite his 40 years. Rivaldo has scored in Sao equalizer Caetanos with Corinthians. Brazilian veteran joined the game from the bench to score a goal with his head.

Look at how ridicules Ronaldinho with goalkeeper (video)

Ronaldinho, Foto: Getty Images

This is super-Ronaldo (VIDEO)

Super goal of Xherdan Shaqiri, would not believe? (Video)


Here's the most beautiful goal in Spain (VIDEO)

Valencia defender Adil Rami has made perhaps the most beautiful goal in this edition in Spanish football.

Rami scored from a great distance in the King's Cup match against squad Llogostera.

French defender surprised goalkeeper opponent beating him by more than half of the field.